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Are Open Borders the Answer to Tourism Growth for Central America?

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The group known as the Ministry of Tourism Integration Area (SITCA), who recently met in Nicaragua, is advocating open border crossings and an integrated tourism program in Central America to push tourism numbers upwards along with a stronger overseas marketing presence.

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They demand Greater diversification in Central Tourism Markets

Marketing Directors of Ministries of Tourism of the Central American nations, meeting in Nicaragua until yesterday, advocated that remain the actions that have led to increased movement of travelers between the territories of the region, but also called for further efforts to force according to gain the attention of markets overseas.

During the event, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism Integration area (SITCA for short) further analyzed the potential and attractiveness of this region with great natural resources and heritage and an important cultural legacy, and also what their challenges to give greater impetus to the entertainment industry.

Among the latter was mentioned air connectivity, which requires further development, the multi, which is only just beginning its possibilities in the area, in addition to the management and promotion, which the participants should focus more on the conquest issuers hitherto little worked.

According to a report from Xinhua, the organizers of this announcement reminded that Central receives each year to an average of eight million tourists, of which 44 percent comes from the same region, followed by the U.S. and Europe, that order.

Therefore, one of the main demands of the participants focused on finding strategies to win more European market, which as confirmed you are very attractive local products and penetrate more aggressively in attracting the so-called market emerging.

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