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Bad Press Motivates Honduras to Nix New Airport Taxes

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Days after claiming the title of the highest airport tax, Honduran President Lobo Sosa has put a halt to the increase. The president was reported as telling the executives of the Airports of Honduras, that the fee increase would not be approved by the President and to seek other alternatives to finance the investment program of $ 300 million for renovation of Honduras four main airports. The President continued to state he will seek out alternative ways to generate the revenue needed to build the airport at Palmerola Comayagua in central Honduras, which would have received the bulk of the airport tax monies.

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Original Article Text From America Economia via Google Translate :

Honduras: Porfirio Lobo Airport Tax increase Slows

Tegucigalpa . The president, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, halted on Wednesday rude airport tax increase approved by Congress. This was announced by the president told the capital’s radio stations.

“The increase in airport tax will not. Yesterday I contacted the dealership and we will put the technical teams to work” to find other alternatives that generate the revenue needed to build the airport at Palmerola Comayagua central Honduras, the president said this morning on local radio HRN.

Wolf acknowledged that while “many investments to be made and justified the need for new financial resources,” should not affect the population. “They look for intelligent mechanisms that involve the airport tax is not increased. I leave that well established and clear,” he said.

He stressed that “peace of the Honduran people, of all travelers, no increase in airport tax.” The president explained that the project of the airport in Comayagua still stands, “only we’re going to find mechanisms” for construction.

The next step, said Wolf, will resume negotiations with the concessionaire InterAirports looking for a new agreement. Therefore, in the next 15 days, the teams agreed to start meetings.

“It will do in the first days of January”, she said. Honduras President reiterated that “Palmerola is essential, every day we are concerned about this airport. There is much hope that it generates” and “the project is going forward,” but the funds will be obtained without “increase the airport tax which is what strikes at the Honduran people. ”

InterAirports seek funding options
After President Porfirio Lobo announced its decision to suspend the tax increase output, the concessionaire Aeropuertos de Honduras stated that “we are totally open to seeing the new alternative” financing to build the airport in Palmerola.

Edgardo Maradiaga, Honduras airport manager, confirmed that there will be a meeting with technical teams to review different mechanisms “to come true this project that will, in the medium term, have significant effects on the country’s competitiveness in terms of connectivity and reduction of tariffs. ”

The challenge, said Maradiaga will find a way to finance the early years of the new infrastructure investment, for which it could rely on the state, given that “has a wider range of options.” Another representative of the dealership had said yesterday that the increase would take effect next year and would be reflected in the value of the ticket.

InterAirports “reaffirms its willingness to find options in conjunction with the State to realize the project.”

Negotiations and pressures
THE HERALD Wolf knew that the president was reported earlier Tuesday afternoon with executives of Airports of Honduras, the concessionaire of the four country’s commercial air terminals and is responsible for the construction of Palmerola, to inform you that the fee increase output would not be approved by the Executive and to seek other alternatives to finance the investment program of $ 300 million.

The modernization of the Honduran airports had been negotiated and approved by the following public institutions: Coalianza, Soptravi, Council of Ministers and the National Congress. In all these public bodies, amendments to the concession contract were not opposed. Each of the authorities of the above public agencies endorsed the rate increase aeroporturia was considering that option could secure the required funding.

Moreover, it was learned that the airlines lobbied certain sectors of society so that the Executive does not approve the reforms, since transport companies operating in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula have been opposing the arrival of new airlines the country by the strong competition that is generated. In the past we remember the close of business AeroHonduras, company covering the route from Tegucigalpa to Miami with a value of $ 199 ticket, which caused a strong body unfair competition.

Palmerola building ranks as one of the projects that the President wants to leave as part of its management, initially announcing that the first phase would be inaugurated in November 2013.

Modification was submitted by the Executive
The National Party MP for the Miguel Angel Gamez, clarified that modifications to the original contract with the dealership InterAirports “is not a legislative decree, but government” because it was sent to the SC by the head of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing Tramsporte ( Soptravi), Miguel Pastor. According to the legislator, “Congress can not take away anything. O impruebe approve” the draft decree.

According to the National Congress approved the fee would increase from 30 to airport 60.30 dollars for international travelers and 2.06 to $ 5 for domestic passengers.

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