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Breathing Life into Honduran Hotels

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Seven hotel events will be held in San Pedro Sula between May and July, encouraging the tourism and hospitality sectors of the country. It is expected more than two thousand participants will attend the events to be held at the industrial city of Honduras.

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Envision Hotel Occupancy Rebound in Seven Events

San Pedro Sula is from this month until July and home to seven major events that will give a respite to the hotel industry and tourism in the city.

Guillermo Orellana, director of the Convention Bureau San Pedro Sula, said that such activities will mobilize more than two thousand visitors in the city.

Orellana explained that the agenda of the Bureau, the event is closer Expoconstruye, which will be later this month and where entrepreneurs come from the construction sector in Latin America. On June 8 will be this city’s match against Honduras Selection of Panama.

From 11 to 15 June sees the Rural Development Week II with participation of 200 Central Americans. The June 16 conference will be the empowerment of women in ministry, it is estimated that about 400 women participate in the country.

In July there will be a group of American missionaries who offered medical teams for six days in the poorest sectors of the country, sleep in San Pedro and Honduras will have a day called now, where they expect about 10,000 Christians to pray at the Olympic stadium. Linda Rovelo, manager of the Hilton Princess, said they already have 70 rooms confirmed for seven days in June for those missionaries. He added that the selection of Panama will be staying at the Hilton and said he is aware of charter flights that will come only by the party.

Foreign Exchange L25 million
Rafael Callejas, president of the National Football Federation of Honduras, said that when the parties are Bicolor in San Pedro Sula arrive at the stadium about 20 thousand people from nearby towns and many are staying at hotels in the city. “For a game in San Pedro Selection currency left some 25 million lempiras,” Callejas calculated.

Saybe Javier, president of the Convention Bureau, was optimistic because certain people attract events such as football and religion. He regretted that the negative news from damaging the image of the city, where tourism is the sector that can create jobs quickly.

Pedro Castro, Hotel Intercontinental relations specialist, said they already have reservations for the party capital city, Panama and Honduras to be considered good hotel occupancy in the coming months.

He added that American farmers arrive in June and from Mexico to participate in activities of the Fair Juniana as rodeos at Camp Agas.

Patricia Reynaud, sales manager of the Honduran Arab Social Center, said that with the Convention Bureau, the city will receive dozens of foreigners for various events.

“In July, the club will be a nursing conference is expected to thousand nurses and other security event, “said Reynaud.

Dora Suazo, manager of small hotels and treasurer Treehouse Chamber of Tourism in San Pedro Sula, said aim to continue bringing great events to improve hotel occupancy and rise to the tourism sector in the city.
Allan Padilla, airport manager Ramon Villeda Morales recalled that the traveler peak season starts in June. In that month increases the frequency of flights and medical teams arrive Americans and missionaries who stay in the city.

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