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Can the Tegucigalpa Airport Be Saved?

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Honduras’s international airport, Toncontin, located in the country’s capital of Tegucigalpa, is slated for closure. Various groups are determined to save the airport. Among their arguments for a stay of relief include potential job losses in both the domestic and tourism sectors, as well as the concern for a lack of international flights for Honduran citizens.

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Honduras: Sectors Unite to Defend Toncontin Airport

Different representatives met today to revive a front in defense of Toncontin Airport in Tegucigalpa.

The new line of defense for the Toncontin airport is composed of a representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa (CCIT), Michael Murra, the would-be mayor for the Central District, Nasry Asfura, the president of the National Chamber of Honduras Tourism (CANATURH), Epaminondas Marinakis, liberal Congresswoman Marcia Villeda and City Mayor Ricardo Alvarez, among others.

Among the arguments that different representatives emphasized the jobs that the airport generates and Honduran citizens who will be affected by the cancellation of international flights.

The City Mayor also said that it was enough to exclude the capital of Honduras dry channel,” Now we want to remove the Toncontin airport.” Alvarez said he was not against the construction of the terminal Palmerola but stressed:” not dare to close the capital’s terminal for international flights. ”

He added that this could affect private investment in the nation’s capital. He referred to the intentions of the Hyatt hotel chain to build a hotel in the capital of Honduras:” realizing who want to leave without international airport to the city, do not know if they will keep their decision, “said Alvarez.

Moreover Congresswoman Marcia Villeda said at stake income families who work at the airport. As for the possibility of a new bus station said the deputy would be a good idea but not the Toncontin airport since it must remain an international terminal.

”The bus terminal is important, it will provide an opportunity for carriers but have to delete an item to open another, do not have to remove to open an airport bus terminal and not have to wait for a new bus terminal to have a sales market,” said the frontrunner in the mayor’s office.

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