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Central America: Political Leaders Lack Initiative to Advance Regional Tourism

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“More political will” is needed in order for regional tourism integration to advance, say Central American Tourist industry experts, who gathered recently in Honduras in order to petition the region’s governments to become involved in the goal of achieving genuine tourism integration.

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Tourism Sector Plan Calls for Regional Support

Tourism experts claimed Friday in Honduras “more political will” to achieve tourism integration in Central America, which in 2011 grew 4.5% to reach 8 million visitors and earned $ 8,200 million in currencies, 9% more than the previous year.

“There needs to be more political will to promote tourism and conduct a tourism integration in the region,” said President of the Federation of Tourism Chambers of Central America (FEDECATUR), Mariano Beltranena, the end of the XIII tourism forum regional.

“Presidents (Central) meet and promise, but then they forget all they have to do, this reflects that there is political will on their part,” added the expert.

Challenges. Beltranera said the region should promote standardization of tourism services, standardization of technical and professional careers, connectivity and plans liberalization of air transport, sea and land.

He also urged the presidents of the three branches of government, executive, legislative and judicial branches of Central America, to seek “joint actions” to promote tourism in the region.

The discussion, entitled “Tourism, priority for integration and sustainable development”, held in a single day in Tegucigalpa, was sponsored by the Central American Parliament.

Honduran Minister of Tourism, Nelly Jerez, said that tourism should be a “national policy” of each Government of the Central American countries.

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