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Central American Banks Connect to Make Transfers Cheaper

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Forty financial Institutions have joined the Payments System Interconnection (SIP) which allows users to make electronic fund transfers between Central American countries, Dominican Republic, in the U.S. dollar, quickly, safely and inexpensively. Lacking from the list are the banking centers of Panama and Costa Rica.

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More than 40 financial institutions in the region and part of the Payments System Interconnection

This system is the result of the coordination work of the Central Banks of Central America and the Dominican Republic, through the Executive Secretariat of the Central American Monetary Council (SECMCA). It is expected to join the Republic of Costa Rica to this system in the short term.

The service has a cost of U.S. $ 5.00 per transaction, regardless of the amount and is available in Central America from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and the Dominican Republic from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

El Salvador
1. Agricultural Development Bank
2. G & T Continental Bank
3. Procredit Bank

1. Agromercantil
2. American Bank
3. Banco Azteca Guatemala
4. Banco Citibank de Guatemala
5. National Mortgage Bank
6. Central American Bank
7. Bank of Antigua
8. Banco de Credito
9. Rural Development Bank
10. Workers Bank
11. G & T Continental Bank
12. Industrial Bank
13. Land Bank
14. International bank
15. Promerica Bank
16. Bank Reformer
17. Citibank NA
18. Western Financial
19. MVA Financial
20. SUMMA Financial
21. First Bank of A. and P. Family Housing

1. Atlantis Bank
2. Continental Bank
3. Honduran Central Bank Financial (FICENSA)
4. Lafise Bank 5. Bank of the Country 6. Financial Bank
Commercial Honduras, SA (FICOHSA)

1. Finance Bank
2. Banco Citibank de Nicaragua SA
3. Central American Bank
4. Bank of Production
5. Bancentro Lafise Bank
6. Procredit Bank

Dominican Republic
1. BDI Bank, SA
2. Banco BHD, SA
3. Reserve Bank of DR
4. Banco Dominicano del Progreso SA
5. Multiple Bank Caribe Internacional SA
6. Multiple Bank of the Americas SA
7. Banco Multiple Leon SA
8. Multiple Bank López de Haro, SA
9. Multiple Bank Promerica, C. by A.
10. Banco Popular Dominicano, C. by A.
11. Banco Santa Cruz SA
12. Vimec Bank, SA
13. Multiple SA Banco Banesco
14. Citibank, NA
15. The Bank of Nova Scotia

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