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Cheap Trips and Accessibility Drive Tourism in Honduras

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Emerging Central America countries are changing tourism numbers and statistics from previous years and will overtake the industrialized countries and snag a share of their market, says the World Tourism Organization. In Honduras, trips are cheap and easily accessible to visitors, driving Honduras visitor numbers upwards.

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Honduras Hotels Still Have Ten Thousand Beds Available

Less than 30 days to enjoy the summer holiday and is a high hotel occupancy rates in different parts of the country, but are still ten thousand beds available in all hotels nationwide.

The economic crisis that drove the tourists seem to have been lost and all indications are that by 2012 there will be a better number of visitors. In places like Roatan, the hotels are near the top of Italian, Canadian and American, which have a positive impact on revenue received by the country it is estimated that by the end of the year reach 700 million dollars. According to the business of this industry, there is still space available to receive new tourists.

Armando Funez, president of the Canaturh (National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras) said that domestic supply is thirty thousand beds, of which the largest occupation is in coastal areas.

Antonio Moncada, Marketing Manager of the Hotel Mayan Princess Roatan, explained that “from January to April have had a high occupancy rate above 80%, because of the operations of the charter arriving from Canada and Italy, this statistic drops slightly in April, as it launched promotions to attract national and Central American tourism.”

Last year through June, the country had recorded the visit of 476.000 tourists from around the world and is expected this year due to promotions and the interest aroused by Copan Ruinas, is significantly greater than those figures.
“I think this year will be very similar to 2007, which was one of the best years for tourism. Currently foreigners are running 5 to 7 nights, this is over the two nights that are Central Americans, “said the hotelier.

Tourism and promotion
Fúnez projected to be a movement of about two million tourists from around the country, plus an average of 30,000 American and “if the government gives all the holiday week will achieve a 50% hotel occupancy and after Holy Wednesday achieved 100%, “he said.

The projection of the Minister of Tourism, Nelly Jerez, is more optimistic. The official forecast that the number of domestic visitors is 2.6 million and foreigners will rise to 60,000.

For domestic tourists, the main destinations in the north are Tela, La Ceiba and Trujillo. The southern area has attractions like the beaches of Cedeno, Punta Raton, Coyolito Amapala, Playa Grande, Playa Negra and Guava Gold.

As part of internal promotion, the authorities launched this week a series of activities such as Tourism Expo, which takes place in the national capital and the packages offered, some with national funding for vacationers.

However, some claims are believed to be a poor investment promotion. “This year should be an increase in the industry, but there are problems with the budgets earmarked for promotion. Honduras spent $ 2.5 million, while other countries in the region invest up to 10 million “, compared Fúnez.

In the latest promotional campaign launched by the IHT (Honduran Institute of Tourism) went 6 million lempiras, with the prognosis of raising 40 million, according to estimates of Jerez.

“Tourism is not in crisis and will continue to grow”
Tourism is not in crisis anywhere in the world, explained Javier Blanco, executive director of the WTO (World Tourism Organization).
White added that while in 2008 the figures were down in this industry sector in 2010 ended with significant growth and global tourism in 2011 exceeded four points. The year 2012 will be positive numbers, he said.

According to White, tourism is the world’s fourth export sector that generates over 250 million jobs. One of every 12 jobs in the world belongs to the tourism sector. Spain is the fourth country in international arrivals, with 57 million foreign tourists.

It exceeds France, USA and China, which last year moved to Spain in the third place. The latter country was until recently the world’s second largest after the U.S. in revenue.

New times “Emerging countries are changing the numbers and statistics from previous years and will overtake the industrialized countries. All destinations compete and do well. The trips are cheaper and more accessible, “says Javier Blanco.

“Times have changed and users now speak directly with suppliers, contract travel over the Internet, packet destinations are chosen either independently, tourists are more price sensitive.

Tourism will continue to rise, not very high rates, but it is a sector performance, “he said.

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