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Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama Await European Free Trade Association Ratification

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A second round of negotiations between Costa Rica, Honduras, and Panama and the countries of the European Free Trade Association, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway has set a tentative agreement date of November 2012 for a Free Trade Agreement to take effect.

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Countries Expect Concrete agreement

Panamanian Minister of Commerce and Industry, Ricardo Quijano, said Saturday in a statement issued at the end of the second round of negotiations between Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama and the countries of the EFTA, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway, the goal to end the talks is November 1.

He said that in the round of Panama, which ended last Thursday, were refined conceptual texts are to be negotiated and settled the third round of talks was held in Costa Rica, from 27 to 30 August.

“There will discuss the same content and access lists to market, so to move towards a fourth round in Geneva, Switzerland from October 30 to November 1, which is likely to have ready the FTA,” Quijano said.

“I hope the process can be completed with EFTA is a way to extend the benefits of the Agreement to Central American countries and in turn those of EFTA. The political will exists between our governments to complete the process quickly, “he added.

Guatemala, who was in the first round of negotiations held between late February and early March in Geneva, did not attend the second meeting because it examines whether to continue in the process.

Participation in the negotiations is voluntary, so that El Salvador and Nicaragua can enter later.

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