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Cruise Ship Dock at Trujillo, Honduras Is 55% Complete

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The cruise ship dock in Trujillo is no longer a distant dream but a reality that is becoming closer, as construction marks a 55% completion rate. Currently, several cruise ship companies have expressed interest in including Trujillo as a stop-over destination on their agenda.

Photo Credit: Radio Honduras

Original Article Text From Radio Honduras via Google Translate :

In December, Trujillo is Ready to Receive Cruise

Trujillo is the main promise of tourism development in Honduras for its natural conditions and the huge investments that have come to this town.

Its potential is so great that Congress is considered the first option to be converted into model city, popularly known as the RED initiative networks (special development).

This town of Columbus is at the door and the key development is undoubtedly the cruise ship dock, a project that promises to revolutionize the economy not only in Trujillo, but in the region, as will the arrival of thousands of tourists and attract investment the area.

That will create new jobs, lead to growth of trade, hotel business and tourism. Also bring important infrastructure. The cruise ship dock in Trujillo is no longer a distant dream but a reality that is becoming closer, said Dino Rietti, architect for the project construction Banana Coast, the official name of the cruise ship dock.

“The project is completed in approximately 55%. We have invested heavily to buy all materials. We have the marine dredging, jetties for the channel.

We buy all the wood of the pier. The construction of facilities and buildings of the project progress at pace.
It does an excellent job, as contractors meet all quality standards. Everything carries a certificate process and expect to complete the first stage next December, “said Rietti.

The first cruise
This first stage culminated, Trujillo and could start receiving cruise ships, although tourists have to be transported by boats to the beach, but once the second stage of the giant tour boats arrive at a dock from which visitors can walk to ground, said the architect of Big Trujillo Authority, Canadian company financing the project.

“The only delay is that Trujillo is a bit far. It is like working in San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa, where the materials are nearby. The first stage, which is the Earth and includes the mall, we have it ready in December. ”
The sea, the hopeJose Antonio Lainez, mayor of Trujillo said that the municipality all know the importance of the project.

“What we are very clear. Trujillo is the development of the sea. 90% of our development is maritime and construction of a cruise ship dock at this location would be a great way to land. We know that Roatan, after 15 or 20 years have ventured into the business of cruise tourism, getting eight to nine weekly cruises. ”

The mayor said there are several cruise companies interested in including in its agenda Trujillo destinations.
“We came because it offers investors who are co-managers of Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines and North West. Since we visited. Trujillo say they like it could be a unique tourist site and not a regular tourist. ”

Lainez explained the beauty, entertainment and attractions in Trujillo for visitors arriving to the municipality.

“Here we can offer mountain tourism, Lake Guaymoreto. There are one of the cleanest and prettiest beaches of Honduras. Is the Bay of Trujillo, a show, especially for water sports. There are three ethnocultural components, because here we have the ethnic Pech, Miskito and Garifuna. Moreover, Trujillo is a unique historical and investors say it could become one of the best tourist sites in Central America. ”

The Mayor reported that Trujillo want to prepare to take advantage of this opportunity.

“We have been asking the president Porfirio Lobo to pave a section on the left, which goes out to Sonaguera plans, because it would place an hour and 30 minutes from International Airport of La Ceiba.”

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