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Despite Its Violence; Honduras Business Travelers Numbers Remain Stable

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Indications are that corporate travelers in Honduras will keep the hotel and convention business growing in the country. This is good news, says the Honduran Ministry of Tourism, because the country image abroad is tarnished by the country’s struggle with violence and organized crime.

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Business Tourism, Hotels Salvation

The occupation was recorded in January and the first half of this month has generated hope among managers of large and small hotels in the city. They point out that business tourism is stable and expected to reduce insecurity to attract visitors and end the year positively.

The picture in the big hotels is varied by the type of customer they receive.

Copantl General Manager, Javier Saybe said that projects a slight increase this year in the occupation of a 2% to 3% from last year which varied by 60%.

Indicates what will keep the hotel business is the development of large events that have attracted through the Convention Bureau and the Ministry of Tourism and Congress Iberoamerican Communicators, “COICOM Honduras 2012″.

There is also the Congress of the Federation conference organizers and related professionals from Latin America, “Cocal 2012″ and other events like home games of the National Cup.

According to the agenda of meetings and events that will occur in the city, the months when it would generate increased hotel occupancy in March, June, July and September.

Saybe points out that what you will prevent a substantial recovery is the poor image of the city abroad and that caused a 80% decline since 2009 of American tourists who come for medical brigades or tourism to the city.

“It has fallen by two factors: the decreción in the maquila and second by the news coming out of San Pedro Sula on a global scale,” said the executive. Reported by the news of insecurity transcend cancellations have volunteer groups to come to the United States country.

“There has greatly affected. People have no idea, but 10% of San Pedro Sula hotel occupancy was specifically medical brigades of the U.S., “explained Saybe. The international hotel chains like Intercontinental reflect stability in their occupation and have high expectations, as reported by their public relations, Pedro Castro.

“It’s always good to expect a better position and there are situations and events that indicate that it may be better than 2011. The expectations are good. ”

Castro said he has not lowered the arrival of business executives from other countries. “Our customers are coming and we occupations usually provided and there are reservations for the rest of the year. Our experience as Intercontinental is positive, “he reiterated.

He said the business traveler always leaves a space in your diary for recreation and consultation on the safety of the city. “When they come and come to realize that the security situation of the city is not like being painted.

And that’s the message that all hotels must give guests that the city is not as dangerous or less than others and that should take the precautions they would take anywhere in the world, “said the executive.

These hotels also have a high demand for services such as banquets, as well as its restaurants are visited daily by sampedranos or visitors who like the environment they offer.

Positive start
Small hotels of this city have had a good start to the year. His representative, Dora Suazo, reported that between January and this month in such accommodation has seen a 10% increase in occupancy compared with 2011 which was very bad.

“Some hotels reported occupancy of 60% and 70%, particularly right now there has been an increase in visitors, February is a great month. In San Pedro Sula is corporate tourism. They come from Central America and other countries. The city is like a door to go to different parts of the country and the tourism that comes overnight one night to go to Copan or the Bay Islands, “he explained.

Suazo asked the Government to work hard to improve security in the country at large and attract international tourism. “It’s what’s affecting us most, every time there is violence information note how it affects tourism,” he said.

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