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Drugs Lords Beware. Honduran Congress Gives Green Light on New Extradition Policies.

Article Summary:

The Honduran National Congress has ratified a constitutional amendment giving the green light to the extradition of Honduran drug-trafficking, organized crime and terrorism suspects to countries abroad.

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Original Article Text From El Heraldo via Google Translate :

Congress Ratifies Extradition For Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime And Terrorism

The National Congress ratified Wednesday night, behind closed doors, the constitutional amendment giving the green light to the extradition of Honduran drug-trafficking, organized crime and terrorism.

Thus, Honduras is free to enter into treaties with countries that require Honduran citizens to respond in those nations, for the crimes mentioned above.

Legislative sources said during the session (the first of the third term) there were no shares and only proceeded to the vote.

The deputies were called to six in the evening, after he was installed the third term in a ceremony attended to give his report the presidents of the branches of government.

In the work session would also ratified the constitutional reforms were approved in the previous legislature regarding that water is a human right and the other relates to the right of education and that children receive 200 days of school.

The Congress proceeded to ratify the extradition, after receiving an opinion from the Supreme Court (CSJ), which is not binding.+ Full support receives the reform that allows the extradition of Honduran The review included the Criminal Code reforms were approved in 2011.It is the constitutional reform that expands from 24 to 48 hours of detention for investigation of crimes.

In addition, the reform raises 15 to 20 years the penalty for the crime of extortion and 10 to 15 years the crime of blackmail.Moreover, on 23 August last year, Rep. Jose Tomas Zambrano in the legislature introduced the proposed law against femicide and other forms of violence against women.

However, women’s organizations believe that this is not the solution and have asked to be modified.

Last night, in an official statement from Congress, it was reported that two projects were introduced.

One provides for an adjustment to that femicide is a crime and another project to reform the Police Act.The project defines femicide as a crime was introduced by the former Minister of Security Oscar Alvarez.

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