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Falling Tourism for Honduras Blamed on Lack of Safety

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Honduras has seen a significant drop in tourists to the country. The alarming trend has Minister of Tourism, Nelly Jerez, publicly stating that the decline in the flow of visitors is directly related to the nation’s insecurity issues and the tourism sector is in trouble.

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Decline in Tourism in Honduras Attributed to Lack of Safety

In an argument between the natural attractions and high rates of violence move today in Honduras the results of the tourism sector, located in the penultimate place in Central America.

Murder records and other criminal acts widely disseminated by the media, which slow potential travelers to opt for this country, cloud the Honduran beautiful landscapes and historical and cultural heritage.

Nelly Jerez, Minister of Tourism, attributed the decline in the flow of visitors to insecurity and recognized the sector is in trouble, said the newspaper La Tribuna.

Among the figures illustrating this situation are the lack of 11,726 jobs reported in 2011 in relation to the previous year, but Jerez said that despite this, they are better than in previous stages.

In 2012 initiatives such as Copan, Tela Bay, Two for One in La Ceiba, reality shows in the Bay Islands and the upcoming opening of a cruise pier at Trujillo are the hope of the Honduran tourism entrepreneurs to overcome the current decline.

Insufficient air links and international promotion also conspire against the tourism boom, characterized by the dominance of urban landscapes at the expense of natural landscapes, due to international conferences and business negotiations.

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