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Have You Discovered this Caribbean Gem?

Article Summary:

Have You Discovered Honduras’ Caribbean Gem?

Roatan is home to almost 35,000 people, each of which have already discovered it is definitely Honduras’s Caribbean gem.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Honduras

Original Article Text From La Prensa Honduras via Google Translate :

Roatan Island, a paradise in the Caribbean Sea Honduras

This island is the true sign that God created everything perfect.

Whoever comes, from the simplest to the most demanding, sooner or later surrender to the charm of Roatan.

In that place, where there are approximately 35 000 people, about-it does not matter to appreciate the sunset dawn because always kept constant beauty.

That’s why the five thousand cruise passengers arriving daily in high season will not think twice to explore this paradise as you can, even for a few hours.

“How can I go there? (How I can go there?) … that’s one of the first questions asked by the tour operators cruise that await at the gates of the cruise.

They refer to the incomparable beaches of West Bay abutting the community of Roatan in Coxen Hole, a place where some of the boats docked.

This pier is operated by the Royal Caribbean group, comprised of Royal Caribbean Cruiseline, Norwegian Cruiseline and Celebrity Cruises.
On the other side is the area Dixon Cove, which houses the spring Mahogany Bay, the newest and managed by the cruise line Carnival Cruiseline.

Most residents of Roatan speak English to be their dominant language, but also Spanish and even French. Speaking English is also a must because 80% of cruise passengers and tourists coming here are American. Then follow the Europeans, especially the Italians, and Asians.

The South Americans, especially in Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay, have set their sights on the island this year. Some say that Roatan is so authentic, that is an insult to compare it to Cancun, Mexico, or elsewhere in the Caribbean.

Sun, sand and sea … diving, aphrodisiac cuisine, crafts and tours are the preferences of cruise passengers passing through the island.

Other details
It is undeniable that to go to Roatan will need to have a few more resources than required in other parts of the country, but you can not doubt that the experience is worth it.
The costs of a stay per night range from $ 69 plus 12% tax, up to $ 450-500, depending on the type of room service, hotel infrastructure and surroundings.

The direct taxi fare ranges from $ 10 to $ 30-40 depending on the destination, however, the cost may be higher. As drivers say: “It’s supply and demand.” A jeepney and a bus voucher quickie L35 L25 costs, but the latter has a reputation for “slow”.

“Most of the islanders live on tourism, construction and fisheries,” says Lucas Martinez, the driver of a bus tour operators. Roatan Luke mentions that people attempt to maintain order. “Tourists come to see the natural. If you have a piece of land can be planted, but are not allowed farms so people do not use chemicals. The fine can be up to L20 bounce thousand trees “he says.

“The lots are worth from $ 45,000 and up. People who want to live here nothing will happen, “he adds.

Have a nice day, ‘bra’!
Every cruise passenger spends between $ 90 and $ 130 for his stint on the island, but before you pay $ 2.55 per go ashore. In December some 180 thousand cruise passengers arrive.

The tourism sector expectations for next year involve a growth between 30 and 40% in visitor arrivals. Have a nice day, ‘bra’! (Have a nice day, brother) … so islanders dismiss all visitors, wishing to return to revive their economies.

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