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Honduran Airport Expansion Grounded

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Honduran President Lobo’s aim for the new airport terminal at Palmerola to be opened in December 2013 is unlikely and it is also in doubt whether construction will start during his tenure. Holding the project back are discrepancies between the government and the concessionaire for Honduran airports which has also prevented Palmerola from being named the country’s main airport.

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Palmerola Can Dream of Staying in Fifth Airport in Honduras

The project that is the fifth Palmerola commercial airport in Honduras will take long. The issue has been present in the three years of management nationalist administration Porfirio Lobo Sosa. However, the parties have not reached an agreement to begin construction of the new air terminal.

The president had promised in November 2013 that inaugurated the first phase of that airport which will not comply, and now there is uncertainty that place the first stone of the work during his term, which expires on January 27, 2014.

The renegotiation of the concession contract of Palmerola air terminal, Comayagua , continues in a push and pull between the airports operator executives Honduras SA (IASA) and the commission appointed by the government of Porfirio Lobo Sosa, as reported officials said yesterday.

They are 10 months that have passed since the parties resumed talks to negotiate a new agreement, after Lobo Sosa vetoed the controversial contract approved by multiple instances of the executive branch and Congress, which authorized the increase in the rate of output 30 to 60.30 international dollars, and 2.40 to $ 5 for domestic flights.

That action caused the claim of several sectors of Honduran society, mainly by users of the four-Toncontin airport terminals, Ramon Villeda Morales, and Juan Manuel Galvez Golosón-and business organizations, and would fund the construction of Palmerola with airport fee not in service work.

Stalled Talks between the government and the concessionaire Honduras Airports have shown progress, the informant told the Herald, who asked not to be named. What is the point of conflict?, Was asked the source, who immediately said the location of the airstrip and sparked a heated controversy that has bogged down the negotiations.

That point was the subject of discussion at the meetings held in October and until yesterday had not matching points between contractors and officials involved in the negotiations.

He said IASA executives claim that there was an agreement that the track would be located on the east side of the Enrique Soto Cano air base, but after hearing the technical opinion of the military, the government has proposed a review of the agreement and the track will be built in the west.This will mean an additional investment of $ 25 million for the construction of additional works to connect the central road facilities Palmerola Air Terminal.

Airports of Honduras had estimated an initial investment of $ 125 million in the first phase of the project, which includes five years of implementation, which when added to the $ 25 million for the relocation of the runway, the cost would rise to $ 150 million.

Other sources consulted agreed that the issue can retake interest after the primary election called for this November 18.

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