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Honduran Businessmen Oppose New Tax Laws

Article Summary:

The Honduran Council of Private Enterprise is giving a warning about a potential loss of competitiveness for companies investing in the country and is fully opposed to a new tax package recently sent to the Honduran Congress.

Prensa Honduras

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Employers Reject New “Package” Tax

Aline Flores, president of Cohep (Honduran Council of Private Enterprise) Thursday rejected the new tax package sent to Congress yesterday by the Ministers of Finance, Hector Guillen.

At a press conference Flores said the new “Law on rationalization of tax breaks and control of public spending to strengthen public finances” will affect the competitiveness of enterprises.

“It calls for respect for the Grand National Dialogue” in which they said no more taxes would be imposed by this government, Flores said.

The fear of Honduran businesses and that the new tax package, the sixth in this government, includes a debt by 6.200 million lempiras, which are authorized for expenditure to finance investments in power generation, emergency disaster natural and subsidies targeted to users of ENEE, among others.

The Chair reiterated Cohep that the new tax package companies can remain competitive because they will have to pay new taxes.

He said they are in the process of revising the decree presented by Guillen to Congress to eliminate tax exemptions. The Cohep believes that this measure will affect the investment climate in Honduras because it competes with other countries in the region.

To discuss this topic, Flores met this morning with the President appointed Marie Antoinette Guillen.
Aline asked the Government to the informal sectors pay taxes according to their ability and was willing to revise the subsidy to about 600,000 subscribers in the ENEE (National Electricity Company) who do not pay the service.

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