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Honduran Government on Building Frenzy, Public and Private Infrastucture

Article Summary:

The Honduran government has a large portfolio of construction projects in the works for 2012, including public and private infrastructure projects, housing development projects along with hydroelectric dams, bridges and roads.

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Honduras plans to more than U.S. $ 1.185M under construction

In 2012 will be an important year for the construction of public and private infrastructure. The president of the Honduran Chamber of Construction Industry (Chico), Alejandro Alvarez, was optimistic that next year will be invested over 2,500 million lempiras for the housing sector.

The information was provided by Alvarez launched under the Build Expo to be held between 22 and May 26, 2012 in San Pedro Sula. “It is projected 10,000 million lempiras in public investment, similar amount in private investment.

In addition, the Private Investment Scheme (RAP) announces that 1,500 million lempiras budgeted to finance the construction of social housing and social housing is not another billion and 500 million lempiras will go towards the purchase of bonds, “said Álvarez.

For the ruling will almost double the gross domestic product during the next construction year. “Many people believe that investing in buildings protect them from the negative effects of the devaluation of the currency,” he said.

In retrospect projects are shopping centers, tourist and housing as well as in productive infrastructure. The government has a portfolio of construction of hydroelectric dams, bridges and roads.

The investment. For Alvarez is essential that the National Congress approves the Mining Act to govern the industrial activity that can generate millions of dollars in exchange for the country and thousands of direct and indirect jobs for the population. “They can come to the country about U.S. $ 10,000 million over the next 15 years,” he said.

That legislation is “bogged down” in Congress, although the price of metals has reached record prices in the New York Stock Exchange. Besides the dam should be built to supply Guacerique II drinking water to the capital.

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