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Honduran Island Sets Hopes on Cruise Ship Dockings with New US $4 Million Pier

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The island of Guanaja’s new pier is 85% complete. Its price tag of US $4 million came from municipalities and ZOLITUR, a Free Tourist Zone of Honduras. The pier will serve as both the international and domestic port for cruise ships and island tourists.

Photo C credit: La Prensa

Original Article Text From La Prensa via Google Translate :

Pier built in Guanaja

Municipal authorities are investing 8.2 million lempiras in the construction of the pier on the island of Guanaja.
The project, which began in September 2011, could open in about three weeks at the conclusion of the electrical system and drinking water.

Part of the funds are being invested come from ZOLITUR (Free Tourist Zone) of which five million lempiras intended, the remaining 3.2 million lempiras out of the funds transfer that the Government gives to municipalities.

“The construction of the pier is advanced by 85% and will have a store to sell crafts and treats on the second floor and a gazebo for visitors to appreciate the bay,” said Richmond Hurslton, mayor of the island.

The pier is 200 feet long and became a priority project for the Mayor, as was previously represented timber and danger to residents and moored boats daily.

“Now that the pier is concrete cargo vessels traveling from La Ceiba to the goods for the population, water taxis and boats engaged in fishing dock will have no trouble,” added the mayor.

Visitor Center
Adjacent to the airport on the island was built a visitor center, which was funded by the IDB (IDB) through the Honduran Tourism Institute.

The amount that was invested six million lempiras. The site will serve the international domestic tourists arrive. The island’s authorities also reported that by the end of July on the island of Guanaja will be held for the fifth consecutive year, the Festival of Caracol.

“The festival will be held from 21 to 29 July which will carnavalitos in the communities of the island and offer visitors a fun safe and healthy,” said Hurslton.

The festival makes a dramatization of the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Isle of Pines and is as close a water float parade.

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