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Honduran Lawyers File Against New Security Fee

Article Summary:

The Honduran State Bar of Corruption has filed a lawsuit with the country’s Supreme Court claiming the new security fee of $34 approved by congress is unconstitutional. Lawyers are arguing that the security fee violates the Honduran people’s right to freedom of movement.

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Original Article Text From Proceso via Google Translate :

Bar Lawyers Demand for Anti protection Against Migration Rate
The State Bar of Corruption, presented on Monday a petition of protection before the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), against the new immigration rate of $ 34 was passed in Congress.

The lawyer, Mauricio Torres Miller, a member of the Bar of Corruption, said “although it is not published in the Official Gazette, there is no denying that it is an act of Congress.”

He added that “since the directive from Congress, signed the decree and are only waiting for publication.”

As he said that the demand for protection is for the violation of constitutional provisions.

The right professional, also said that the writ protection, “is against the acts of Congress and of the deputies themselves once again violated the Constitution, violate the decree of free movement of people, violate a series of articles actually harm the free movement regardless of the economic damage not yet expressed. ”

Also said they have all the legal bases for acceptance in the CSJ.

For his part, Rafael Virgilio Padilla stressed that the Constitution, in Article 183, paragraphtwo, states that the writ of Amparo may be filed against laws, judgments, against ordersand against facts.

He pointed out that “this one appeal against the act of Congress to approve a contract between the Executive, has no element of legality.”

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