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Honduran Police Accused of Torturing Teachers

Article Summary:

Honduran Police are accused of going on a spree of torture and illegal arrests against a group of protesting teachers. The law enforcement officers used guns and sticks against several teachers who allegedly only bystanders at the demonstration. Honduran police have a history of abusive behaviors and high corruption levels.

Original Article Text From Prensa-Latina via Google Translate :

Honduran Police Accused of Torture and Illegal Arrests

Honduran Public Ministry requested eight policemen accused, after being reported to the Special Prosecutor for Human Rights as responsible for torture, abuse of authority, illegal arrest and abuse against various citizens.

The fiscal requirement falls against Gilberto inspector also Rojas, by assuming responsibility for abetting his subordinates to commit torture against teachers, why would become the author of the alleged crime, says the document, released today.

All defendants remain active in the National Police and assigned to a Metropolitan Police Headquarters and the National Transit, based in the capital.

On 20 August, during a demonstration by teachers, law enforcement officers with guns and sticks, drove several teachers who allegedly witnessed only development of the march. According to the indictment, the prosecution presented videos that prove the disproportionate struggle between civilian and uniformed, who kicked and beaten on the head with regulation firearms to their victims, who then arrested and torture were applied all kinds.

In this context, the National Commissioner for Human Rights (CONADEH) reported that 216 complaints received nine thousand against Honduran agents between January 2005 and July 2011. Members of the Preventive Police and the National Directorate of Criminal Investigation denounced by human rights violations against various sectors of the Honduran population, according to a statement released by CONADEH late last month.

The improper exercise of public servant, abuse, negligence, unlawful detention and torture, are some of offenses for which citizens are critical of law enforcement, said the document. According to the leader of this humanitarian organization, the Honduran police have license to steal, kill and extort money and cannot do anything, because in his opinion “senior managers practice impunity, masking and other crimes.”

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