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Honduran Tourist Fee Raises 16.8 Million Lempiras

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Honduras raised nearly 16.8 million Lempiras through its 4% tourist tax in the first quarter. An additional 45 hotels were registered in the country during this period who must also charge the 4% tourist tax.

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Original Article Text From El Heraldo via Google Translate :

Nearly 17 million lempiras was raised by way of the tourist rate in Honduras

Nearly 17 million lempiras raised the Honduran Institute of Tourism during the first quarter of the year to pay the tourist tax of 4%, official sources said Monday.

The exact contribution is 16.8 million lempiras, reflecting an increase over the same period in 2010 was 10.5 million and 15.9 million in 2011. In this regard, the Tourism Minister said Nelly Jerez monthly revenues reflect the work that develops national collectors and are properly identified in a database.

He added that another 45 hotels have been registered and included in the platform of tourism businesses, which must state the retention of 4 percent effective tax that visitors do.

The department where there are major collectors in the first quarter of the year remains Francisco Morazán , with 5.0 million lempiras, followed by Cortes, with 4.7 million, Atlantis, with 2.7, and the Bay Islands, with 2.4 million.

Nationally there are over 800 tourism businesses, including hotels, car rental agencies and tour operators car that declare the retention of 4%, but the joint operations with the Executive Director of Income (DEI) will continue to attract new collectors.In 2010 this concept was seen by 55.4 million lempiras in 2011 and increased to 70.3.

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