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Honduras: $25 Million Atlantic Resort Taking Shape

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Los Micos Beach & Golf Resort is an investment valued at $25 million, set to take shape at Bahia de Tele, located on the Atlantic coast of Honduras.

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The Resort’s Micos Start Within Weeks

he hotel investment in the Honduran Atlantic coast are taking shape. For the next few weeks will begin to materialize the hotel project’s Micos Beach & Golf Resort , one of the leaders in the Bay of Tela.

Michael Register, vice president, hotel chain Hospitality Trust, confirmed that the construction of physical works begin “in the coming weeks or at most in the coming months,” while the opening of the hotel and golf course will be implemented to next year.

According to Register, and have ready “the most difficult, are plans and design,” so everything is a matter of time for laying the foundation stone of the project valued at $ 25 million, which is expects to employ about 700 Hondurans directly and indirectly another thousand.

The Micos Beach & Golf Resort is designed as a modern resort that includes a golf course with 18 holes, which is managed by Troon Golf U.S. network, as well as a five star hotel with 120 occupations, which will be operated by Hospitality Trust Desires branded.

To Register, the project will be a landmark in Honduras and the region because of its scale and development leading to the area of ​​Tela, also because it represents “an interesting offer for American and European tourists, as they will have many activities as fishing and diving, all with a first class service and a natural environment. That combination is what tourists want. ”

This variety, says the executive, will make this an attractive destination for discerning tourists in Europe, New York or Las Vegas, which will be announced on the project through promotion and marketing and with the presence in the international tourism fairs.

The project’s Micos Beach & Golf Resort is located within the resort called Bahia de Tela, a PPP (public private partnership) that has joined a group of business with the government to create world-class resort that would put to Honduras Map of major ecotourism destinations in Central Africa.

Partner for success
To maintain the highest standards of quality, the golf course is managed by Troon Golf, a leader in its field and currently has a presence in places like China, South Korea, Australia, Dubai and Switzerland.

Jim Bellington, VP Operations seniors Troon Golf, said the firm will be responsible for complete management of the golf course.

Bellington said that Honduras will be the spearhead for the world record and predicted it will be a great opportunity to position themselves in the Central American market, taking into account the Los Micos Beach & Golf Resort, which make it a class project.

Confidence in the country
On the situation in the country and would be driving away investors and tourists, Register said that should take up success stories like Colombia.

“Problems are everywhere, but there are experiences such as Colombia, which for many years had difficult social problems. What you need to do is work to change that situation. We’re confident that Honduras can leave these problems and to position itself as an international tourist destination, “said the executive, who advocated for this type of investment to improve the country’s image and help attract global tourism.

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