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Honduras Airport Concession Fee Is a Pot of Gold for the Government

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Honduran airports remain a profitable business for the state as the income generated from their concession fees amounted to over $86 million dollars this past quarter.

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Airports Generate New Resources to the Government

The granting of four Honduran airports remains a profitable business for the state, and is that not only the civil works, technological investment, and substantial changes in service are clear signs of the transformation airport, but also income concession fee that the State receives quarterly.

The operations of the four international airports, which manages the company Airports of Honduras, remain profitable for the state.

Recent figures provided by the licensee states that the administration and operation of the four airport terminals in Honduras have generated revenue for the State of 1,639.7 million lempiras.

The government received through the Treasury of the Republic on the fee for the second quarter of this year amounted to 49.2 amount million lempiras.

Reported revenues represent 34.4 percent of total revenues perceived by the dealership, they are controlled and audited by government agencies and collated before delivery.

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