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Honduras Approves Incentives Law for Call Centers

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A special law has been passed to encourage the creation of call centers in Honduras. The law provides for special tariff exemptions for these businesses on the importation of the essential equipment needed for the operations of a call center. The law also stipulates that a center can be set up anywhere in Honduras.

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Approved Legislation to Create and Regulate Call Centers

A special law to encourage the creation and regulation of call centers known as “call center” was supposedly adopted as a tool to generate mass-time employment in any department of the country.

The initiative was presented by Deputy nationalist Atlantis, Rodolfo Irias Navas, and was declared as high priority by the President of Congress, Juan Orlando Hernandez, encourage part-time job. Irias Navas proposed that the priority for the installation of call center out to Atlantis, but his colleagues decided not to privilege any particular department.

Those who install call centers will enjoy tariff exemptions for imported equipment, which was questioned by several MPs, including Liberal Dario Banegas, and the Democrat, Ramon Velasquez, but their opposition was not taken into account. The chairman of the committee opinion, the liberal Marco Antonio Andino, said the law you are looking for opportunity to create jobs and give thousands of young people who only speak Spanish and others who are bilingual.

Irias Navas said that this system will encourage the arrival of many companies as happened in several countries centroamericanos.El vice president, Ramon Velasquez Nazar, questioned the exemptions because the flag of the government is going to reverse the issue of tax perks. Dario Banegas said the decree is a clear manifestation of contradiction of the government in tax matters, it continues to benefit some groups and punishing others such as micro-entrepreneurs.

Irias Navas explained that in the country and call centers operate under the law of free zones and they will have the option of staying under the legal framework or the new law to enjoy the benefits.

More than 88 thousand young people work part time, according to the Ministry of Labour.

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