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Honduras Approves Land Freight Hike

Article Summary:

A payment of $1.24 per kilometer for cargo transported from the port to its final destination has been approved in Honduras.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Honduras

Original Article Text From La Prensa Honduras via Google Translate :

Agree on $ 1.24 fee for Freight

Carriers, chambers of commerce and contract manufacturers yesterday signed an agreement on the benchmark rates of land freight transport.

The agreement calls for establishing a benchmark rate on direct routes, originating in the place where the load is reflected to the final destination, at a price of $ 1.24 per kilometer.

This rate will apply when the load is received by the National Port Authority and is sent directly to the company or individual importing.
They also agreed that land freight movements between companies that are located in the range of 60 kilometers will be charged a flat rate per head as reference distances.

Thus, from one to 20 km will be charged $ 45, from one to 40 km, $ 80, and one at 60 miles the cost will be $ 119.
Benjamin Castro, president of the Freight House in Honduras, Catracho, saw the settlement as fair for carriers and said it “prevents excessive shipping charge to users.”

Daniel Facussé, representative of the Honduran Manufacturers Association , AHM, said that after analysis they realized that the fee does not have a significant impact to the consumer.

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From La Prensa Honduras

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