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Honduras Excuse for 20 Homicides per day: Its Not Us, It’s the Drug Traffickers

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The Minister of Defense of Honduras declared Honduras is a victim of drug traffickers who use it as a bridge from Columbia to the USA. This year in Honduras recorded 20 homicides per day, according to human rights organizations in that country. The sharp increase in violent crimes has caused concern amongst the government and its ability to promote Honduras.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Nicaragua

Original Article Text From La Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

Hondurans are Invaded by Narcos
Declaring Honduras as a “victim of drug trafficking,” Minister of the Ministry of Defence in that country, Marlon Pascua said that Honduras is overrun by drug traffickers.

The Honduran territory, by its geographical position, is provided as a “bridge” to bring drugs from Colombia to the United States.

The official admitted that drug traffickers have taken refuge in the country after being fought in Colombia and Mexico.
“The invasion of narcos into Honduras provokes open war waged against them Colombia,” said Easter. The minister said that “Honduras is a point where they spend large amounts of drugs from South American producers to consumers who are in the north (U.S.)”.

The president of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo, reported recently that the police are infiltrated by drug trafficking and organized crime.

Commissioner Ricardo Ramirez, director of the National Police, said: “We have taken steps to reduce the escalation of deaths from organized crime, drug trafficking and violence, but we need resources, radar and helicopters to modernize.”

This year in Honduras were recorded 20 homicides per day, according to human rights organizations in that country. The Human Rights Commissioner Ramon Custodio, said: “It will be difficult for the country than the current levels of violence … things could not be worse than it already is. ”

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