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Honduras Fails in Tourism

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Try as it might, Honduras cannot get its tourism sector up and running. Despite having rich natural resources and an indisputable historical and cultural heritage, key shortages in air connectivity, insecurity, and a general lack of awareness by travelers has kept Honduras off the list of key Central American destinations.

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Honduras fails to Advance Tourism to the Pair of its Central American Neighbors

Despite having rich natural resources and an indisputable historical and cultural heritage, other factors such as insecurity, lack of air connectivity and low promoting its attractions have delayed considerably the momentum of Honduras as a tourist destination, so much their own authorities acknowledge that the country is running behind in this sector, compared to the neighboring Central American nations.

Last year, for example, as evidence of the decline of tourism in the country, local industry generated 11,726 jobs less than in 2010, largely due to the lack of inward investment and low influx of travelers, while in the present, Ruins of Copan, one of the most famous archaeological sites associated with the Mayan civilization, tourism receive much less than expected from the global expectation that caused the supposed end of the calendar of the ancient culture.

“When it comes to number of tourists who are probably in last place in the region, and also in regard to foreign exchange earnings generated by the activity,” Nelly Jerez has been estimated, the local Tourism Minister, recognizing that Honduras through its best in this field.

According to statements published by the newspaper La Prensa, the official added that in 2012 revenues expected to reach at $ 670 million, a figure that is minimal if it is assessed that Costa Rica does add a few thousand $ 100 million from tourism.

When questioned about the items in his view have been slowing in the emergence of that country, Jerez stressed that insecurity has become a real problem for tourism in Honduras and the bad image given some international media that reinforce this view.

Similarly, he referred to the real problem which means the poor air connectivity. “Tourists now want something fast, get in a single plane, get off and go in minutes to the hotel where you will, but in the case of Honduras have to make stops in the United States, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala to come to our country and if people come from Europe, South America, and even the United States, few international flights arrive directly. That we have to work harder. ”

Moreover, the Minister considered that the budget available to them to promote the country’s destiny abroad is very low, perhaps the lowest in Central America, although he said he still making every effort to put every penny they are most useful where . “We prioritize the markets of the places I really feel that people will come,” he said.

In the opinion of Jerez, despite the present difficult situation involving the aforementioned disadvantages, the nation could improve in this area. “We have to improve domestic tourism, the Hondurans do not leave much of the country and visit the beauties with Honduras, plus the numbers are growing, albeit slowly, confident that we will draw it out and tourism will rebound soon” he argued.

Initiatives in terms of that purpose is not missing, and in that sense the head of the Honduran tourism projects mentioned quite innovative as the Bay of Tela, a development in the process, or the promotion Two for One in La Ceiba, which bind hotels, restaurants and other visitor services, to give a more comprehensive offer.

Likewise, in Trujillo, on the Atlantic coast of the country is building its first cruise ship dock on the mainland, which should be completed in 2013 and located in Roatan Unlike allow direct access to more destinations within the local territory.

However, it is clear that these and other endeavors that are encrypted in the hopes of the Honduran tourism entrepreneurs, seeking to trace the current decline of the sector, will be insufficient if not backed up with a good promotion and better connection options to be visited .

Honduras also has to take on the challenge of strengthening the tourism security in its territory, and from there to show the world that is very good in segments such as tourism and cruise conventions, but also has to grow in other conditions such as archaeological and nature.

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