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Honduras Hikes Airport Fee, Commits to Building Civil Airport in Palmerola

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Honduras has raised its airport tax to $60.3 per international ticket which will be reflected in the value of the ticket and $5 for domestic passengers. Additionally, the Honduran government has committed to spending $129 million to build a civil airport in Palmerola.

Original Article Text From El Heraldo via Google Translate :

Increase in Airport Tax Will be Transferred to the Value of the Ticket

The increase in airport tax recently approved by Congress, will come into effect next year and will be reflected in the value of the ticket, confirmed Tuesday the concessionaire Aeropuertos de Honduras.

Ruben Sorto, manager of New Business InterAirports, said that “we believe that various mechanisms and responsibly have done right and that an increase does not take us beyond the international standards.

“In communication with the Forum Channel 10 local TV, compared Sorto up exit tax applied to domestic and international airports in Honduras four, with measures taken in other countries like Panama, where he expanded the international airport and increase the rate 20 to 40 dollars, Colombia, where it rose to 67 dollars and Venezuela, with $ 60.

Although the civil air terminal has not been built in Palmerola, the executive defended the increase saying that “investors are doing right now.” An investment in the airport system and the opening of a strategic airport operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, “will allow the entry of new airlines to increase the level of competitiveness and to reduce the value of the ticket, “he said.

In total, according to InterAirports, investment in the airports of Honduras amounted to $300 million, of which over 50 percent will be implemented within the next three years, with funds from the dealership and a new financing through private banks.The investment, Sorto argued, “is going to be reflected in modernization and certification of three international airports in Honduras: (Juan Manuel Galvez) on Roatan, (Ramon Villeda Morales) of San Pedro Sula and Palmerola (Comayagua) “.

By achieving certification, new airlines enter the country and the user will see airport reduced rate by an average of 200 to 300 dollars, he said. He added that “we already live in San Pedro Sula in 2007 when he entered a low-cost airline. Had an immediate effect on air traffic has been growing year on year by 3.5 percent air traffic in San Pedro Sula, subsequently increased by more than 15 percent immediately “.

The licensee estimates that investment in Palmerola amount to 129 million dollars in the Villeda Morales to 52 million in the Juan Manuel Galvez to 42 million and The Golosón to 17 million.The National Congress approved last week increased from 30 to 60.30 U.S. dollars at the rate airport for international passengers and 2.06 to 5 dollars for domestic passengers.

Considering the 600,000 estimated for 2011 international travelers, the concessionaire collects approximately $ 18 million annually, which will double to 36 million dollars with the rate increase airport 30 to $ 60. Of this amount, 34.4 percent are transferred to the State of Honduras by way of concession fee.

The remaining 65.6 percent corresponds to InterAirports.While domestic passengers, estimated at 245,000 persons, pay 9,500,000 lempiras annually and apply the adjustment of 145 percent, passengers canceled about 25 million lempiras per year.The increase has been refuted by users and tourism entrepreneurs .

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