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Honduras Is Missing Its Maya Moment

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As the Mayan calendar comes to an end and its highly publicized end-of-time predictions have strengthened tourism numbers for Mexico and Guatemala, critics of Honduras’s tourism board say the country has missed its Mayan moment.

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Honduras criticize lack of aggressiveness in promoting the Mayan city of Copan

A few months after the end of the Mayan calendar publicized, representatives of the hotel industry in the region of Copan Honduran lamented the lack of support they receive to promote the destination, it was one of the capitals of ancient civilization and could be getting a lot more Visitors overlooking celebrations on 21 December.

An article in the newspaper La Prensa that collects complaints abounds say that employers be disadvantaged relative to its Central American neighbors, we do have used resources and generated initiatives to leverage the appeal of this festival aya.

They added in their claims that the authorities of the Honduran Tourism Institute (IHT) have not disclosed what the official schedule for that date, even though it was announced last year a program that would appeal to rise to around 200 thousand travelers .

While countries such as Guatemala, Mexico and Belize have revealed important events where entertainment figures participate worldwide, to celebrate the last day of the Mayan calendar, the Honduran tourism authorities only guaranteed “a show with national and international artists and a few surprises” as stressed in the report.

The vice president of the National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras (CANATURH), Armando Funes acknowledged that the Central American country is wasting the time, and said that this is in low budget available for these purposes the nation of only 2.5 million dollars, very small when compared with those managed by Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua, for example.

For his part, Juan Angel Welchez, chairman of Copan 2012, while noting that Honduras should be more aggressive in promoting tourism in that destination, said hotel occupancy up well for the season and a full house is expected at the end of the year .

The businessman said that the promotion and marketing of the region are being managed through social networks, which is the most effective when there are few resources.

The situation is more complex for small hoteliers, some of whom lament the lack of communication with tourism authorities and complain of low occupancy levels compared with those obtained in 2011.

From the Tourism Commission Honduran National Congress deputy Romeo Silvestri dismissed any budget increase to support the promotion of Copán, and said he still hoped the presentation of the business plan and the deal makers in the entertainment industry about this destination the Mayan world.

According to the newspaper report, quoting local entrepreneurs, so far only announced two events related to the celebration of the end of that calendar Mesoamerican civilization: a Mayan ball game on September 22 and a cultural evening that will place on September 30 in the central park of the city.

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