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Honduras Logistics Corridor to be Built by Ecuadorian Firm

Article Summary:

Ecuadorian Firm Latin American Road Consortium won the multi-million dollar contract to administer an ambitious road project in Honduras which will connect the city of Goascorán to Puerto Cortes.

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Original Article Text From El Heraldo via Google Translate :

Three Toll Booths Charge Of $ 0.80 In North Road

The main arterial road in Honduras will be managed by a South American consortium charged between 80 cents and 2.50 on the dollar to use it. With the risk that the process is challenged by a Mexican firm, yesterday won the award for 20 years of management logistics corridor (road from Tegucigalpa to Puerto Cortes and Goascorán the Villa de San Antonio), the Latin American Road Consortium.

In the process made yesterday by the Commission for the Promotion of Public Private Partnership (Coalianza) participated in a five companies that submitted initial technical and financial bids. The Mexican capital Caabsa Construction was disqualified from the process and continued Consortium firms Canal Seco Road Development Consortium of Honduras and Latonoamericano Road Consortium and the Consortium Conceviales.

At the opening of the envelopes tied financial bids of the four bidders. They showed the rate of toll collection to lower light vehicle.On the way to Puerto Cortes Tegucigalpa install three toll booths where they charge 80 cents. In contrast, the route between Goascorán and the village of San Antonio will be the toll of 2.50 on the dollar.

Since there is overlap, made a playoff round for bidders to reduce their fee proposals for heavy vehicles. During the second round will be presented again another tie between the four companies mentioned above. The bidders agreed to charge as president Coalianza, Wilfredo Cerrato, an estimated $ 1.65 per axle.

According to contest rules, officials said Coalianza, a raffle was held which was won by the Latin American Road Consortium made up of companies and Hidalgo Hidalgo of Ecuador and Peru Construction and Management.

Who wins? According to Cerrato, the financial bid of this company ecuatorino-Peruvian capital is to invest in initially about 130 million dollars (about 2.522 million lempiras to the exchange rate of 19.40 lempiras to the dollar). It is projected that through this investment will generate 1,000 jobs and integrate the departments of Valle, Comayagua, La Paz and Cortes. It will improve traffic safety and reduce accident rates and fatalities by eliminating potholes, improve signage and provide towing services and emergency ambulances. It will reduce the logistics costs of transport between Goascorán and Tegucigalpa to Puerto Cortes and improve competitiveness and sustainability of the country, according Coalianza.

Challenge Pedro Garcia, representative of the firm Caabsa said they expect a letter from Coalianza where they explain the reasons why they were disqualified from the process conducted in a hotel in the capital yesterday. He regretted that the winner is chosen by lottery and not by the technical bid.

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