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Honduras Pledges $100 Million to Tourism Development in Tela and La Ceiba

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Honduras is bringing a $100 million tourism development project to the towns of Tela and La Ceiba. This is the first step in the goal of attracting foreign investment to the area.

Photo Credit: Radio Honduras

Original Article Text From Radio Honduras via Google Translate :

Investment of over $ 100 Million in the towns of Tela and La Ceiba in 2013

For next year, announced an investment of over $ 100 million in the towns of Tela and La Ceiba in tourism development projects, said the executive director of the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (based), Roberto Leiva.

The executive explained that the project of the Bay of Tela, also known as The Micos Beach Resort, is a good investment for what is estimated to generate about 500 jobs as it talks about an investment of $ 100 million from next year.

He added that construction will begin on the road to four lanes from the city of El Progreso, Yoro to Tela, a work that was done through public-private investment.

However, he noted that such investments, you need a secure environment so they asked the government to create legal certainty to attract investment to the country.

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From Radio Honduas

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