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Honduras: Roatan Expects 1 Million Cruise Passengers

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After experiencing a slow summer season, the Honduran cruise sector is expecting a rebound during the seasonal travel peak which starts in September and anticipates the arrival of a million people to the island of Roatan.

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Honduras: Roatan Expects a Million Cruise Passengers

When to start the season, tourism entrepreneurs maintain the expectation to continue to lead the cruise industry in the region and anticipate the arrival of a million people to the island of Roatan.

Epaminondas Marinakys, president of the National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras (CANATURH), indicated that during the summer, “many of the destinations Cruice Line Carnival went to Europe with a series of activities that diverted some boats, but we believe that this year reach one million cruise passengers who arrive in Roatan “.

“Roatan has been a leader in the cruise industry, we believe we are leaders in Central America,” he said, adding that in the region, Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean islands stand out in that category. He also referred to the recent creation of a route that starts in Panama South America as one of the competition for cruise ship arrivals to the country.

However, expectations are high as the season begins in September high, “to start the winter in the northern hemisphere, all vessels were destined for Europe, United States and Alaska, we will take advantage of us.”The businessman stressed that Honduras has seen a remarkable growth in the tourism industry through the cruise, thanks to the construction of the second cruise ship pier in Roatan in 2009 after having been given in concession to the Royal Caribbean.

Currently Roatan has capacity to serve three ships simultaneously and each may come with 5,000 tourists.”Every visitor to lower the boats leave about $ 100 between transport, restaurants and holiday beaches, is a business quite important.

“President tourism entrepreneurs felt that the new projects will serve as a tourist attraction for foreign and domestic. “The Yellow River track in Copán can connect this site with Roatan, this is already decided, the documentation required of UNESCO is ready, but we had some contradictions are exceeded, resources are ready, just need to take the decision to start up and build the airport. ”

Another project that will help attract tourists is the Tela Bay project, which has a golf course and which enable an airstrip that will connect to Roatan and La Ceiba, according to the president of the CANATURH.

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