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Honduras Says Yes, Approves Model Cities…Again

Article Summary:

Model Cities are on once again for Honduras, after recently being declared unconstitutional by its Supreme Court.

Photo Credit: El Periodico

Original Article Text From el Periodico via Google Translate :

Honduras Adopted the Model Cities

The Congress of Honduras on Wednesday night approved a controversial draft Special Development Zone, better known as “model cities”, which had been declared unconstitutional and was one of the reasons why the legislature dismissed several judges of the Supreme Court leading to more intense political crisis that the country has experienced since the 2009 coup.

The project presented by Rodolfo Irias, National Party MP, “collects the necessary modifications to the assumptions expressed by the constitutional judgment and involves the modification of several articles of the Constitution of Honduras in regard to the territorial organization of the state and the judiciary, “the lawmaker, referring to the” areas under a special legal regime, with administrative and put to a referendum or plebiscite with certain exceptionalities “.

The law was passed with 110 votes in favor, 13 against and five abstentions.

Calls Special Development Regions (RED) were defined as “a generation maquila” by one of its main proponents, Congress President and presidential candidate Juan Orlando Hernandez, or a “free zone 2.0″ by Michael Strong, head of MGK, the U.S. investment group that wanted to start developing them in 2012, before the project will paralyze the decision of unconstitutionality.

Among the arguments in the judgment, the constitutional judges argued that “foreign investment is expected to involve capturing the State of Honduras alienate the country, which expressly prohibits the Constitution” and that its construction would mean that “there will be privatized State of Honduras and therefore as such will be gone to make way for a large business corporation. ”

Juan Orlando Hernandez, president of the National Congress, said at the start of the second, successful attempt to pass the law that the design of these areas “still great examples in the world on how to enhance certain areas, whether for financial centers, districts agribusiness, power generation districts, areas adjacent to ports and airports, the south of the country, where South Korea is keen to design a scheme or a district that would enhance us in the region. ”

They reject project
German Deputy Leitzelar said “can not create special jurisdictional regimes as concessions banana companies and mining the past.” He noted that there are at least 25 Act unconstitutional in Special Development Zones.

The lawyer Oscar Cruz, former prosecutor of defense of the Constitution and responsible resource that got the old law unconstitutional, said the current project “is not the same, it’s worse. It has changed their formulation, but the project is the same, is the same constitutional violation that prohibits borderlands coasts and in the hands of foreigners. ”

“What is being played in this law are the vital interests of Honduras, speaking of which takes place in uninhabited areas, but refers the Gulf of Fonseca, Trujillo, the most important ports of Honduras, which handles 70 percent of international trade in Honduras, “said José Antonio Gutiérrez Navas, exmagistrado of the Constitutional Court in October he signed the unconstitutionality of the project.

“The Commission on transparency of model cities could remove the governor-elect, established the possibility of putting foreign judges in the territory of Honduras and stripped the President of his powers to the detriment policy direction of the governor of a territory being severing. It is totally unconstitutional, “he concluded.

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From el Periodico

  • http://www.facebook.com/nixonarauz Nixon R. Arauz

    This will be a social Genocide if these cities are built in Honduras.

  • Robert in Canada

    Hope they go thru with building this city this time.

    It would be the start of improving living conditions and a better future for everyone in the country.

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