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Honduras Sees 80% Drop in Visitors to Its Rain Damaged Southern Destinations

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Southern Honduran tourist destinations are still recovering from damage caused by October rains, including massive road infrastructure damage, and as a result have lost up to 80% of their tourism base.

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Low Influx of Tourists in Southern

Damage caused by natural phenomena in the south have led to heavy losses to tourism.The fact is that most sites devoted to the industry are without access due to bad road conditions.

Sergio Lobo, president of the Chamber of Tourism of Choluteca, explained that the access roads to areas considered as the most visited remain flooded holes.The beaches of the municipality of Marcovia remain desolate, when in other times have been those that have attracted the most tourists in recent months.Other sites affected is San Marcos de Colon, as multiple use areas and Corpus

The Botija remain incommunicado.
The authorities of the Chamber of Tourism reported that the reduction of visitors is 70 to 80 percent.The measurements were performed according to the flow of tourists has been received in the hotels of the south.

Hotel Deals in Choluteca
In the city of Choluteca has 33 hotels and about 600 remain available rooms, including singles, doubles and triples.Prices for rooms range from 190 to 2,250 lempiras.

According to the interviewee, it is necessary that government authorities implement development plans for the category in the departments of Choluteca and Valle.Local authorities have proposed plans to develop tourism, but say for achieving them need the support of the Ministry of Tourism.

In the area until it has succeeded in boosting tourism is seasonal, ie for one season, summer.At Easter come to the south some 25,000 people, mostly domestic vacationers spend two to three days on the beaches of the Gulf of Fonseca.

Nahum Calix Marcovia mayor said the municipality most affected in the business of tourism has been Marcovia.”Those affected are those individuals who live in this area, such as owners of restaurants and hotels,” said Calix.

Marcovia tourism communities where there is still no way for the bad state of roads are Punta Raton, Guapinol and Cedeno.

“The beach Cedeno was one of the most affected by the tides and is one of the most visited because of its easy access,” said the mayor.Since Cedeno also arrive at the wildlife refuge Punta Raton, where they performed the olive ridley nesting between the months of August and September.

This year the presence of visitors to appreciate this natural event was low due to damage caused precipitation in the municipality, which has still not recovered.San Lorenzo One of the municipalities are struggling to recover San Lorenzo.

The authorities of the town for this weekend are plotted as a goal to prepare the world’s largest cocktail. Besides showcasing some of the crafts and products that are harvested in the area.

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