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Honduras: Tax Amnesty Effective Until July 2012

Article Summary:

Hondurans have until July 2012 to make good on delinquent tax payments to the Treasury with out incurring penalties or interest.

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Honduras: Tax amnesty is Effective Until July 2012

Upon enactment executive decree 260-2011, people are delinquent to the Treasury until 31 July this year to honor these accounts without paying penalties.

That legislation is supported by the Fiscal Emergency Law and Finance was approved by decree 18-2010 of 15 April 2010 and published in the Official Gazette number 32.188 dated April 16, 2010.

The agreement establishes 260-2011 until July 31, 2012 an amnesty for fines, penalties and interest on all outstanding payment obligations with the state on October 31, 2011 that are in the courts in the courts of the Republic. The law empowers the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) make the collection efforts, signing payment agreements and disagreements make the case.

They will also have the same treatment or pending cases that are pending in administrative proceedings. Payment may be made under the rules in bank cashier’s check, certified check, cash and goods prior valuation and under the procedure established by Law for the Creation of the Directorate General of National Property.

This decree also extends the application of Decree 262-2010 dated December 2, 2010 until May 30, 2012, which instructs the Ministry of Finance through the DEI and authorizes the Attorney General to intervene in the recovery of debts to the treasury. The agreement is applied to natural persons and legal entities.

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