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Honduras to Host 2012 Central America Tourism Fair

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San Pedro Sula, known as the industrial capital of Honduras, will host the ninth edition of the Central American Tourism Fair, an event that allows countries in the region to come together to promote tourism.

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Honduras negotiate over $ 20 mills. in CATM 2012

Ministers from across the region will have several work sessions, where sustainable tourism will be the focus of the agenda.

San Pedro Sula, known as the industrial capital of Honduras, will host from Thursday until October 6, the ninth edition of the Central American Tourism Fair (CATM, for its acronym in English), an event that allows countries in the region sell together, their tourism.

Yesterday, the director of the organization CATM 2012, Xinia Molina, confirmed the participation of 150 international wholesalers established trade relations with 123 employers in the region, who will present their offer this 5 and 6 October.

From September 29 to October 4, both wholesale and international press tour the destinations in Honduras, to know the offer of the host country.

According to expectations, this year expected to grow to 10% in arranging business meetings, in last year’s edition of the CATM held in Panama, exceeded 2,500.

During the two-day fair, to be held on the dates 5 and 6 October at the Convention Complex Expocentre of San Pedro Sula, hope to close deals totaling more than $ 20 million, the organization explained.

The CATM is the trading platform for countries in the region, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama as a tourist destination are sold together.

“Our challenge is to make known to the world as a multi Tourist Central, we want to show our kindness and wealth of our ancient heritage,” said Mariano Beltranena, president pro tempore of the Federation of Tourism Chambers of Central America (FEDECATUR).

The event is also confirmed attendance tourism ministers from the region, including Jose Napoleon Duarte, head of the branch in El Salvador.

“The region has been working over the past year in the field of sustainable tourism, but now I want to propose a plus as tourism employment, because the item is very important for the Central American countries not only at generating foreign exchange, but by improving the quality of life of people, “said the official.

This year, Honduras, as host, will be the country with the highest number of exhibitors will, with 40 in total. Destinations like Copan, Tela, La Ceiba and Roatan are the main products to offer.

Costa Rica is the second country with a strong business presence, with 29 representatives, followed by Nicaragua with 27, with 22 Guatemala, and Belize with 24. El Salvador and Panama will make a discreet participation of 12 entrepreneurs and six respectively.

Among the tour operators is confirmed Salvadoran Mayan Escapes, Magic Dream Tours and Gray Line El Salvador. Just as the Royal Decameron Beach hotels Salinitas and Los Almendros de San Lorenzo.

American entrepreneurs start assembling the stands in the convention complex Expocentre, also performed the official record of participants and the opening ceremony offered by the host country, Honduras.

Wheels start Expocentro business, with an opening ceremony by all ministers of the region. In addition, there will be a conference for participants, focused on the latest international trends in tourism.

Continue the business conference in Expocentre on from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Then there will be a closing ceremony hosted by the next host of the CATM 2013, which will be Costa Rica.

$ 20,000 $ 20,000 invested Mitur to encourage the participation of the national delegation of businessmen.

12 El Salvador will be represented in the tourism business for 12 CATM.

150 This year 150 international wholesalers involved in CATM 2012.

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