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Honduras to USA; Come Help US Fight Crime. U.S.A. Responds by Sending Security Strategy Expert.

Article Summary:

The US has answered the call of Honduras to help solve their raging crime wave by sending security specialists to begin the implementation of a joint public safety plan.

Original Article Text From Estrategia y Negocios via Google Translate :

Honduras: U.S. Expert Now Reaches To Help Security

An expert sent by the United States arrived Tuesday to Honduras to help design security plans to the uncontrollable crime wave brought about even by the police, officials said.

According to a statement from the embassy in Tegucigalpa, the capital arrived at “an American expert on the issue of public safety to support the cooperation of the United States and Honduras” in this field. “Under the leadership of the U.S. ambassador to Honduras, Lisa Kubiske, (the expert) Oliver P. Garza assist the Honduran government to the development and implementation of the National Security Strategy of Honduras to contain high levels of violence and impunity, “the text. (Source: AFP)

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