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Honduras Turns to Lychee Fruit to Increase Market Share in Agricultural Exports

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Honduras hopes to gain market share in agricultural exports in the United States and European Union by introducing two new products to the market in 2012. New to their export list is black Pepper and lychee fruit.

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Honduras Expand its Agricultural Export Supply in 2012
Honduran Exports of goods will be expanded with the addition of new agricultural products will be marketed from 2012.

In the list have been incorporated black pepper and lychee to be placed on the international market.

This was announced by Secretary of Agriculture, Jacobo Regalado, after learning of the developments that have experienced these nontraditional products promoted by the Honduran Foundation for Agricultural Research (FHIA).

The lychee is considered the country as a fruit with great growth potential as an average tree can produce between 5,000 and 6,000 units (60-70 kg). Yields begin at 1.2 tones per hectare in young orchards and may reach 20 tons in mature trees.

Atlantida is the location with increased production of this fruit, with some 1,000 hectares in production. In smaller quantities are grown in other regions. Most of the harvest is from September to November.

United States and the European Union are major markets for lychee. As black pepper is considered a spice, has been reported in recent years a considerable increase in acreage, although imports to cover domestic consumption. In the departments of Colon, Atlantida, Cortes, Yoro and Santa Barbara are located the main producing areas.

Honduras is estimated that there are about 150 producers of black pepper, which will export part of their harvest.

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