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Honduras With Highest Airport Tax; Adds Fifth International Airport

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The Honduran Tourism Authority is after the tourist dollar, anyway they can get it. Their shrinking tourist base has caused the country to increase its airport tariff and it now boasts highest rates for departures from airports in Central America with a payment of U.S. $ 60.30. Panama comes in second at $40, followed by Nicaragua at $38. Government officials have also allotted U.S. $300 million to convert an aging military base at Palmerola into the countries fifth international airport.

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A company spokesman for Honduran International Airports, the concessionaire of the four international airports in Honduras, told reporters that the high tariff, which increases from $ 27 to U.S. $ 60.30, is due to passenger traffic in the country is “very low “. The new rates come into effect the law be published in the Official Gazette.

By country
So far, Panama is the country that charges the highest airport fees, with U.S. $ 40, followed by Nicaragua with $ 38, with $ 30 Guatemala, Costa Rica with U.S. $ 28 and El Salvador with $ 20.

Payment for departures from airports in Honduras will be reflected in the cost of the ticket. Various social sectors of Honduras consider increasing abuse approved by Parliament, because it damages the economy travelers, primarily to lower income often use air transport needs.

For the tourism entrepreneur Juan Bendeck, increased to U.S. $ 33 airport tax “is a robbery” to users.

Honduran Parliament has also extended the concession of the airports Airports Inter until 2040, after the first agreement expired in 2020.

Airports Inter executives said, about 600,000 passengers use of Honduras’ four international airports operating in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba and Roatan, in the central, northern and Caribbean country.

A fifth commercial airport will be constructed adjacent to the International Airports local military base of Palmerola, about 75 miles north of Tegucigalpa, with an investment of about U.S. $ 300 million.

Palmerola base, where he also operates a flight school Honduran Air Force, is shared with the United States, which built the whole terminal in the early 80′s of last century in times of “cold war”.

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