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The NatGeo Guide to Honduras

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Honduras is the first country to use a new USAID and NatGeo virtual platform to promote tourism. Named “Go Blue Central America” the interactive map contains information about tourist attractions, tours, local products, parks, and the cultural heritage.

Photo Credit: Tribuna Honduras

Original Article Text From la Tribuna Honduras via Google Translate :

USAID and NatGeo Launch Virtual Platform to Promote Tourism in Honduras

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID, for its acronym in English) and National Geographic (NatGeo) today in Honduras virtual platform “Go Blue Central America,” to promote tourism in Central America.

Honduras is the first country to use this new tool to promote its tourist attractions, local products and cultural heritage, said at a press conference the USAID Regional Representative, Carlos Hasbun.

In Honduras, the project is supported, in addition to USAID and NatGeo, by the Honduran Tourism Institute, the National Chamber of Tourism and local NGOs and international.

The application works as an interactive map which contains information about tourist attractions, tours, local products, parks and the cultural heritage of the countries of the region, said the USAID official
The project’s objective is “to promote and advertise tourism destinations in the region that use tourism best practices in harmony with nature and biodiversity,” he added.

From http://www.gobluecentralamerica.org platform, you can access the different sights of Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras in the Caribbean, and the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama, said Hasbún , who noted that soon will join other nations in the region.

He added that the application represents a Go Blue “regional innovative tool” that allows the user an interactive tour and on a variety of recreational activities, while local entrepreneurs facilitates the diffusion of their business.

Meanwhile, Honduran Vice Minister of Tourism, Syntia Bennet, said the virtual application is a “great opportunity” for countries in the region to promote their destinations.

“Go Blue is a unique opportunity to reach new markets and everyday tourists are more demanding, seeking innovative products and destinations,” said Bennet.

In 2011 the number of visitors to Central America grew 4.5 per cent to 8 million tourists, and nine percent (8,200 billion) in foreign currency, according to figures from the Secretariat of Central American Tourism Integration (Sitca).

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