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La Ceiba, Honduras’s Eden Away from the Chaos

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La Ceiba, just north of Tegucigalpa, is home to the Honduran archipelago of Cayo Menor and Cayo Mayor and 13 other small islands of coral origin, making them part of the Mesoamerican Reef, the second largest in the world. Travelers delight in the white sandy beaches and relaxed atmosphere.

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La Ceiba: Eden of the Caribbean

La Ceiba, located 403 km north of Tegucigalpa in the department of Atlantida, is considered the third largest city in Honduras, from where you can go to one of the largest marine attractions in the country: Los Cayos Cochinos.

It is an archipelago of two islands (Cayo Menor and Cayo Mayor) and 13 small islands of coral origin. Together total an area of ​​approximately 489.25 square kilometers, according to the Honduran Institute of Tourism.

Such is the natural beauty of this place which led to the 2011 National Geographic magazine to be considered as one the top 10 destinations to visit in summer.

Therefore, each year hundreds of European tourists, U.S. and elsewhere parade through this paradise of turquoise waters, which is located 30 kilometers northeast of La Ceiba, to admire the beauty of its coral reefs that are part of the Mesoamerican Reef the second largest in the world.

Key Highlights Major because it has a lush and rich marine life that has attracted actresses such as Cameron Diaz, according to Alex Martinez, leader of the firm Honduras Tourist Options.

And no wonder, its refreshing waters invite you to enjoy them, the sun and appreciate the landscape.
Both Cayo Menor and Cayo Mayor are the product of volcanic eruptions, while the remaining white sand is the result of the reefs that break.

To reach this place must embark on the boats that leave from the villages Sambo Creek, Nueva Armenia and Cargo Pier in La Ceiba.

Here fishermen Garifuna ethnic group of African descent, are waiting to guide you through all this Caribbean paradise. Before embarking, the guides give precise safety recommendations to prevent mishaps and make the experience as pleasant as possible.

When you start the adventure at sea, when the sea breeze caressing your face and the water splashes, enjoy the scenic attraction that bathes this place, where, if you’re lucky you can see dolphins, flying fish and pelicans, among others.

Another culture
The first station where you can sink your feet into white sand is in Cayo Menor. Here residents will welcome you and then show a video where release all the natural wealth that they possess the islands.

There you can relax on the dock and take pictures to remember the many attractions offered by the site. After the break, the guides will have to know the other keys, and Bolanos, Mayor, Palomo and Chachauate. The latter can snorkel and admire the water depth diversity of fish and turtles that are in the area.

Visit the Key Chachauate is a unique experience. Upon arrival children welcome, as well as offer handicrafts made by them. Only in this Cay home to some 600 people (48 families), whose only source of income is fishing and tourism.
In high season (April to August) for more profits the locals go fishing and rent their homes to tourists.
These experiences and the paradise of the Keys are a unique experience in the Atlantic Honduras.

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