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Lack of Funds Means Honduras Might Abandon Palmerola Airport

Article Summary:

Honduran President Lobo Sosa mandated construction to begin in 2011 on the Palmerola airport with funding secured from the country’s newly instated airport departure tax. But when this tax was vetoed a month later by the same president all funding and construction timelines were demolished. Since that time, negotiations have stalled and so has construction at the Palmerola airport.

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Original Article Text From El Heraldo via Google Translate :

Government ordered plan “B” for Palmerola Airport

The president, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, delivered the post on January 27, 2014 without fulfilling the promise of delivering the first phase of commercial airport Palmerola. It was initially announced in November 2013 would be completed the first stage.

However, the work schedule changed after the President vetoed the decree that Congress passed at midnight on December 14, 2011, by which increased the international departure tax from 30 to 60.30 dollars.

Lobo Sosa gave 15 days InterAirports SA (IASA) and the Commission for the Promotion of Public-Private Partnerships (Coalianza) to renegotiate the technical and financial model for the construction of Palmerola, however, negotiations have been extended for five months.

In the Council of Ministers last Tuesday, Porfirio Lobo Sosa requested that Coalianza officials within 10 days, expiring on Thursday, reaching agreement with the concessionaire of the airports in the country to close the negotiations.

The president said it was important to have a plan “B” because if it fails to start work without an agreement with the dealer, you have to look for options that allow the government to allow completion of the negotiation that does not stop the project.

Wilfredo Cerrato, president of Coalianza, told a television station in the capital that continued negotiations with InterAirports open between the agreements mentioned that the airport would begin to be built starting next year, with the implementation period of 24 months, that is, the opening of the first stage would be up in 2015. The Herald has been following the course of discussions between the parties, knowing that between progress note that the amount of investment in the project down from 129 to 100 million dollars, while the extended implementation period of five to ten years.

It was learned that a party álgidas of the negotiations is the implementation of the international departure fee, which has not yet been revealed if it is separated from the rest of the airports of Honduras.

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