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Mall Hopping in Tegucigalpa

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Honduras welcomes a modern shopping sensation, the mall. City Mall, with over 130,000 square meters of stores, is located in one of the fastest growing sectors in the capital Tegucigalpa, next to Toncontin Airport. It is the only modern shopping mall structure in the city and is the largest mall in the country.

Photo Credit: Prensa Honduras

Original Article Text From Prensa Honduras via Google Translate :

City Mall opens in Tegucigalpa with more than 280 stores

With more than 130,000 square meters of construction and emotional acts, inaugurated yesterday City Mall Tegucigalpa. Businessmen and officials from across the country met the innovative design that has the largest mall in the country.

Located in one of the fastest growing sectors in the capital, next to Toncontin Airport, the facilities of the City Mall were blessed by Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez.

The bishop sent a message to employers: “Honduras needs more investment, we hope and wish other entrepreneurs be encouraged to follow these steps for Honduras continue to grow.”

The cardinal said that only united can have peace and to end violence there must be investment in creating the conditions for creating jobs for the unemployed. ” Maalouf Rachid, president of Corporación Lady Lee said that is making history with this new shopping and thanked the country’s banking and municipal authorities for giving them all facilities. “This is an effort of more than 15 000 people, 300 contractors and countless businesses and individuals who contributed to this great work,” he said.

Maalouf said as Honduran businessman is very proud to show the world what you can do at home. “This mall is a work in Tegucigalpa hundred percent Honduran built by Hondurans and Honduran”. He thanked all the customers because they decided to invest in this mall and invited the capital, general Hondurans and foreigners who visit the place to live a memorable shopping experience.

“In 2012, the Corporación Lady Lee turns 41 and we are contributing to the development of Honduras as a socially responsible company,” he said.

Maalouf said that Tegucigalpa City Mall has 280 shops, 25 restaurants, 100% air-conditioned facilities, ample financial and new stores like Apple Store.Además, “we have the first intelligent parking Honduras, with traffic lights showing the number of spaces available and there are eight rooms Cinemark theaters. It is the largest in the country, “he explained.

The City Mall has parking capacity for 1,500 vehicles in spaces divided into two basements.

Michael Kercheval, president of the International Association of Shopping Centers, said that this work is an example of collaboration between the private and public sectors, “in the new City Mall Tegucigalpa not Onlycorpses are creating hundreds of jobs in the area, but offers new brands for buyers, “he explained.

There must be clear rules
Ricardo Alvarez, mayor of Tegucigalpa, said the only way to fight poverty is to build progress: “When a country is generated by clear rules for the private company that is serious, socially responsible and committed no confidence to invest and create jobs and fight poverty.

Maalouf family thank you for this great gift that brings you to the capital in its 434 years of foundation that meets today-tomorrow. ”

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