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Palmerola Airport Construction Contract Finally Signed

Article Summary:

Following months of negotiations, Honduras has agreed to the construction of a new airport in Palmerola. Among the fine details, the contract negotiation states that during the first three years of construction of the airport the State will not make payments to Interairports S.A., the private business responsible for the day-to-day operations of the airport.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Honduras

Original Article Text From La Tribuna via Google Translate :

Concluded Negotiations for Construction of Palmerola

President Porfirio Lobo Sosa signed in the next few hours the concession contract for the construction of the airport at Palmerola, Comayagua, after negotiations were completed by 100 percent with the dealership Interairports, as indicated by authorities Department of Public Works, Transportation and Housing (Soptravi).

The president will review the contract and after that they initialed the document which allows the construction of the airport in Comayagua. The Tuesday morning, during the Council of Ministers, the owner of Soptravi, Miguel Angel Gamez, asked the governor for permission to sign the concession contract.

“It ended with the negotiation for the construction of new airport at Palmerola and have requested authorization to sign the same,” Gamez said. He explained that “in this negotiation had to make a new assessment to what is the table of charges and how they would repay this investment.”

Among other things, the negotiation states that during the first three years of construction of the airport the State did not pay anything to the dealership, as well as users. The terms state that “the first three years of construction, two years and the first is the commissioning of the work, the state will not pay a dime,” said Gamez.

“The user simply going to start adjusting for improvements until the third year with 7.1 percent, which is the rate that will increase,” he said. Together with the works in Palmerola, the concessionaire will also make improvements in other air terminals.

For that matter, are scheduled repairs Ramon Villeda Morales of San Pedro Sula, in the Juan Manuel Galvez in Roatan and special temporary improvements in the capital Toncontín.

Gamez said that “through this new airport infrastructure, Honduras will be able to compete at higher levels in Central and four-lane highway will be an option, because we are considering the construction of the highway.”
A few days ago, President Lobo Sosa had complained about the “entanglements” in signing the concession contract and even spoke of choosing a plan “B” and referring to pass the concession to another company that is interested in constructing the work.

However, negotiations were finalized and only remains for the President signs the contract, and as will travel to Comayagua met in the coming hours to sign the contract. (NJA)

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