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Roatan Growing Under New Wave Tourists (and they’re not American)

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Tourism always surges this time of year in Roatan, Honduras, and can come from anywhere in the world, but the first of November always sees a surge in the cruise ship passengers.

Photo Credit: Prensa Honduras

Original Article Text From La Prensa via Google Translate :

Italians and South Americans put their eyes on Roatan

Roatan, Bay Islands. There is a place nearby that can compare with the beauty of this island. Visit for a few hours Roatan is to believe that paradise on Earth. Its turquoise waters to delight even the most demanding tourists.

A Roatan tourists come from anywhere in the world at any time of the year, but the first of November began cruise season, so that the flow of visitors increases, the local economy is strengthened and thousands of dollars entering the country.

For this month, awaiting the arrival of 16 cruises with a minimum of 2,500 passengers each. In December, that amount will double and accounts for an average of two to three ships per day.

Just yesterday, at about 7:00 am, arrived at the port of Roatan about 2,500 cruise aboard the Norwegian Jewel, a ship of the Royal Caribbean, from about 80% in the U.S. and the rest of the crew were Europeans, South America and Asia.

However, the staff working in the port facilities says that Italians and South America, especially in Colombia, Peru and Uruguay, have shown greater interest in Roatan reach this year, despite not represent the majority.
In the Mahogany Bay port some 2,500 tourists docked aboard the Carnival Dream, so that only yesterday reported an influx of some 5,000 cruise passengers in the largest of the Bay Islands.

“We seek to attract foreign investment and national firm working on improving the living conditions of the people through job creation and investment,” said Victor Moncada, head of corporate communication of the Free Tourist Zone ( ZOLITUR).

Alvaro Duron, port manager, estimated that by December it will be about 180 thousand cruise passengers accounted for the high season, however, it is expected that next year this figure to grow between 30 and 40%.

During high season, Roatan generated around 400 permanent jobs and between 4,000 and 4,500 indirect jobs.

“When it comes to Roatan businessman to invest is given some tax incentives to create more jobs,” said Moncada.

“This year has been a little low, high season started right now … the weather is not helping us much, but just cruises are coming, people going down and there is interest to continue touring, “he added.

ZOLITUR has a portfolio of seven projects worth about L15 million, which includes support to municipalities, mainly for construction Utila Municipal Dock, “which is in pretty poor condition,” according to Moncada, besides the implementation of a safety plan, construction of police stations, water tanks and others.

A paradise for currencies
By entering in Roatan cruise collects an average of between 25 and 35 million Lempiras per year, according to official estimates.

Every cruise passenger spends between $ 90 and $ 130 when low to the ground, according to figures from the Economic Analysis Unit of the Ministry of Tourism.

“The 35% of the fare paid by the passenger to the port goes directly to the State, the municipality and the Honduran Institute of Tourism,” said Duron.

The state receives $ 2.55 for each passenger arriving, plus taxes from trade, authorities said.

In 2012, Roatan received about 655.234 cruise passengers came aboard 270 ships, of which 97 docked in the port of Roatan and 172 in the Mohagany Bay.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, for every day you get a cruise to Roatan directly benefit about 20 000 inhabitants, including 500 transport operators, tour guides and 100 merchants.

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