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Sicarios, No Mas! Honduras Cracks Down on Motorcycle Hitmen, Enacts New Law

Article Summary:

Following a series of murders committed by motorcycle hit men, also known as Sicarios, the government of Honduras now prohibits two passengers aboard the same motorcycle. Murders committed from the two-wheeled bikes are associated with known crime organizations. Those who violate the ban face bike confiscation and high fines.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Honduras

Original Article Text From La Prensa Honduras via Google Translate :

Conducting Operations to Control Two Men on a Motorcycle
Honduran authorities on Wednesday put into effect a rule that prohibits two people traveling on the same motorcycle as part of a series of measures to control the work of assassins who use these vehicles to commit crimes, officials said.

A spokesman for the transit police, Gustavo Pacheco, told local reporters on Tuesday “was published in La Gaceta (official), the decree that prohibits more than one person can be transported in a motor vehicle of two wheels.”
“Traffic police in conjunction with other divisions is conducting operations to enforce the decree,” he added.

The ban, however, does not include police officers, told AFP Security Ministry spokesman Hector Ivan Mejia. The official told AFP that people who violate the ban on carrying passengers on a motorcycle, unless a woman or a child, “it will be confiscated” the bike and get a fine equivalent to between 75 and 100 dollars.
The Honduran Congress approved the ban a week ago, two male passengers in the same motorcycle at the request of President Porfirio Lobo. The initiative was filed two years ago because of opposition from various sectors.

Motorcycle carrying two people were used in the murder last December 6 Peace Luz Marina journalist and a day later in the former government security adviser Alfredo Landaverde, amid a string of attacks by organized crime.

According to the decree passed by Congress, 90% of crimes are committed by pairs of gunmen who used motorcycles, one behind the wheel and another to shoot.

Murders in Paz and of Landaverde provoked a strong shock in Honduras because it occurred in a context of threats and attacks against media and analysts who have complained of police ties to organized crime.

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