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Strange But True: Honduras to Build Toll Road for Tourists

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Honduras will move forward with the building of a toll road specifically designed for tourism. The passage will consist of stretches of road between El Progreso-Tela, San Pedro Sula-El Progreso and La Barca-El Progreso where tolls will be collected at various locations.

Photo Credit: la Prensa Honduras

Original Article Text From la Prensa Honduras via Google Translate :

Government Dealer for 30 years the Tourist Corridor of Honduras

The government authorized by the Cabinet yesterday granting tourist corridor called tranches comprising Progress-Tela, San Pedro Sula, El Progreso and La Barca-Progress.

The executive order authorizes the COALIANZA (Commission for the Promotion of Public-Private Partnerships) and Soptravi (Department of Public Works, Transport and Housing) to sign with the company Atlantic Highway granting tourist corridor comprising a toll collection Hondurans and foreigners.

The concession agreement provides for the widening to four lanes of 122.6 kilometers of roads and the construction of a new section of track warrant to two lanes between El Progreso and Camalote, building more bridges Santa Rita and democracy in El Progress.

Works will be carried by a 30-year concession for the construction company that will handle routine maintenance to give way by charging tolls of 80 cents to light vehicles and 1.60 dollar per axle heavy vehicles.

The project has a total investment of 135 million dollars (2,700 million at current exchange lempiras) and also includes the extension of 97 kilometers between Tela and La Ceiba.

Carlos Pineda, COALIANZA president, said the contract is the result of an international tender was launched in 2011 to improve the way in the northern part of the country.

“The economic model is identified it will be three points tollbooth: between San Pedro Sula and El Progreso will be a full house to and from the same point. On the road from the boat and the progress will be a booth. Just as we have in the section El Progreso and Tela “said Bonilla Pineda.Pompeyo, Security Minister questioned persons traveling from San Pedro Sula to El Progreso will be required to make two payments of tolls, one in the house of the mayor and other dealer in the booth.

In this regard, President Porfirio Lobo recommended reviewing the issue of toll booths and suggested not to affect the residents of communities located along the route, you must define certain areas where people can move without pagar.

Según COALIANZA members through toll collection ensures the implementation of the works, routine maintenance of the road.
Besides ensuring a free service to drivers emergency or road users. The billionaire award infrastructure project was made in open court last Friday at a hotel in the capital, with the presence of representatives of prequalified companies and society. The process was audited by Price Waterhouse Cooper.

The project concession was made after an intensive evaluation process technical and financial bids submitted by three consortia comprised of domestic and foreign companies.

The winning consortium Cash (Canal Seco) bid a total of 156.34 kilometers, compared with the Consortia Sula Valley Highway and Concein Honduran, who offered 43.34 miles and 0 Km (disqualified for not meeting contemplated in the contract documents) respectively).

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