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Summer Tourism Heats up in Honduras up 30%

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While the Bay Islands remains the preferred destination for foreign visitors, domestic tourism is on the rise in Honduras. Since holding incentive programs throughout the county, tourism operators have noted a 30% increase.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Honduras

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Summer Tourism Will Increase By 30% In Honduras
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
At least 30% would increase tourism in the summer because of the incentives that are taking place internally, predicted several business dedicated to the field.

The tourism entrepreneur, Junior Burbara, predicted that the tourism movement will profit by “a large sum of millions of lempiras” during the summer, but did not specify a figure, said that “going to be more than last year.”

Burbara be noted that various incentives for domestic tourists, so they “expect a great influx of tourists in the country.” In percentage terms, the increase in visitors could be 32%.

As part of the promotion, the National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras, Canaturh, various fairs held within.

The manager of the Canaturh, Armando Funez, reported that held the “Expo Summer” next weekend at a mall in Tegucigalpa.

The employer explained that with banking institutions seek funding to promote domestic tourism, while made alliances with tour operators and hotels.

Funez said during the show will go on sale packages financed by banks.

According to authorities, the Bay Islands remains the preferred destination for foreign visitors, although this year has been a massive campaign to sell as a tourist destination the ruins of Copan, given the interest aroused Mayan writings, which would mark the beginning of a new era, a situation that has captured the attention of tourists worldwide

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