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Talks Stall for New Airport in Palmerola, Honduras

Article Summary:

Technical and economic negotiations for a new airport in Comayagua, Honduras were closed by the Commission for the Promotion of Public-Private Partnerships (Coalianza) and InterAirports SA (IASA), according to sources connected to the talks, who have requested anonymity. The root of the problem appears to be a lack of funding due to the suspension of the airport tax levied on travelers.

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Government and InterAirports Resume Construction Theme Palmerola

The issue of airport construction Palmerola returns to public debate this week.

The negotiations on the technical and economic plans for the new airport in Comayagua were closed by the Commission for the Promotion of Public-Private Partnerships (Coalianza) and InterAirports SA (IASA), according to sources connected to the talks, who have requested anonymous.

The contract is expected to be known tomorrow by the Council of Ministers, and this time will be analyzed and discussed each containing semicolon, after the first time approved an additional charge of 30.30 dollars on the international rate of output for financing of the work, which caused the rejection of various sectors by the “great goal” to put the executive branch, Congress and the concessionaire of the airports InterAirports.

With this approach the airport fee applied to international travelers increased from 30 to 60.30 dollars, resources that would be assured InterAirports to build the airport in Comayagua, which annoyed the users of four-Toncontín air terminals, Ramon Villeda Morales Golosón and Juan Manuel Galvez when trying to apply a charge for a service not yet received. Also the national rate increased from 2.06 to 5 dollars.

The groundswell of various national and international sectors was taken into consideration by the President, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, who last January 16 vetoed the decree passed by Congress midnight on December 14, 2011, which authorized increasing domestic and international rates.

Increasing the international departure would mean an additional income of $ 24 million annually, or 456 million lempiras, the operator of airports, it is estimated that some 800,000 travelers a year leave the country for the four air terminals.

Although the President set a deadline of 15 days to renegotiate the concession contract, that is to be ready in early February, InterAirports executives and officials have spent five months negotiating Coalianza the new agreement for the construction of Palmerola.

This represents a gap of six months in the first phase of the airport. The president had promised in November 2013 inaugurated the first phase of the new airport and the construction of this stage would take between 18 and 24 months.

To be eliminated the gross increase to $ 30 international departure fee, IASA substantially changed the content of the contract, particularly as regards the time of investment, ranging from 5 to 10 years.

Also, the amount of investment is reduced from 129 to 100 million dollars. The funds would be obtained through loans granted by banks operating in the Honduran market.

However, InterAirports intends to use the issue to anotarle Palmerola a “great goal” the Executive and Congress to propose an extension of the existing contract Toncontín, Ramon Villeda Morales and Juan Manuel Galvez Golosón 2020 to 2040.

The four airports were grantees of October 1, 2000 to September 30, 2020, leaving open the possibility of extending the contract, which seeks to achieve IASA eight before the expiration of the agreement. The granting of the air terminal Palmerola expire until 2040, ie a duration of 28 years, which has drawn criticism.

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