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The #1 Reason Honduras Cannot Attract Tourists

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Violence combined with a tarnished public image will keep Honduras from growing its tourism numbers for 2012, which are expected to remain at stagnant 2011 levels.

Photo Credit: Radio Honduras

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Honduran Businessmen Estimate that Tourism in 2012 Will Remain at Similar Levels to 2011

Entrepreneurs Honduras considered that tourism will remain at levels last year, which would not fulfill the expectations that many had in the sector. This may be due to social uncertainty in the given country.

Earlier this year, institutions such as the National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras estimated that tourism this year 10% advance for the commemoration of the Mayan cycle. This was stated by a member of the House John Bendeck.

Entrepreneurs like Carlos Flores Paguada have ensured, for example, that last August “Salvadorans came not as massive as in other years.”

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From Radio Honduras

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