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The $98 Million Luxurious Honduran Resort You Never Knew Existed

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Honduras is set to open a $98 million resort in Tela, Atlantiday, funny thing, you probably didn’t even know it was under construction.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Honduras

Original Article Text From La Prensa Honduras via Google Translate :

Today inaugurate Indura, a project that showcases the best of Honduras

The Honduran resort Indura Beach & Golf Resort , which has invested 2,000 million Lempiras, will preinaugurado today, at an event attended by celebrities from home and abroad.

The project, located in Tela , Atlantida, will open its doors to the public in early 2014, but this day are the great progress and will be released from the resort areas.

A golf class, a five star hotel, spa areas, beautiful villas and natural beauty Tela Bay are just a few of the attractions to be here.

Camilo Atala, Indura president spoke about the gigantic project.
“The golf course is already opened and the hotel is in the last phase of construction. We talked with hotel operators in January to have the hotel property running. The important thing is the impact it will have on the community, as more than 400 people work on the project , most of the area, and I think the resort will bring great benefits to the region. ”

Atala highlighted the international projection will Indura to Honduras. “This is a five star rated project, which means it meets certain conditions that put you at that level. These requirements are since you have a clinic, to amenities such as the spa, the rooms are of a certain size, that services meet certain standards and so we will. We even have more, as there are great details, such as the golf course was designed by one of the best players ever. All this will put us on the world map, not only the project, but the entire country. ”

According to the president of Indura, this resort can propel the development of other similar in Honduras.

“We are showing that you can do this level projects and as we raise the standard hotel rate will surely come other projects and here in Indura there is the ability to have two new hotels, in addition to that already.” Atala said already publicizing the project worldwide.

“An important part of the development process of Indura is marketing the project and that’s what we’re doing internationally in certain magazines and media. When we open we will have additional impact much needed “.
Jacobo Kattan, vice president Tourism Investment Fund (Fhit), which is a partnership between government and business to develop the resort, said the country will be revealed even more as a destination for high-end tourism.

“This project puts Honduras in the international map, not only by negative news, but for something that shows the beauty of our land and all the best we can offer. Already being planned for 2015 to such international golf tournaments here, because this was designed by Gary Player, one of the most recognized players in the history of the sport. ”

The nationalist presidential candidate Juan Orlando Hernandez, who was honored yesterday by investors of the project, due to support from the Congress gave the condominium law for the resort were true, said it is important to develop the entire municipality.

“Soon, Congress will pass the property that the State has on the track will go to the City fabric so you can make public-private partnerships and develop. Also in January will be the four-lane and all of this will facilitate access for tourists to visit both the draft as township Indura Fabric for its beauty “.

“The project will boost the economy”: Mayor of Fabric
David Zaccaro, Fabric mayor, said Indura Beach & Golf Resort will bring great benefits to the municipality.

“This project will generate direct and indirect jobs, is a dream come true for the whole area and we know that will fabric in the eyes of the world.”
Zaccaro said the municipality will be more benefited.
“Once the project is complete, in a few years, adding all the taxes that we get from this project, we are talking about that will be between 60 and 80 million Lempiras per year.”

Nelly Jerez, Minister of Tourism, said that Indura leads the country to another level of investment. “It will be the tourist boom for Fabric and throughout the region. The category of this project is proof that Honduras can be one of the more established tourist destinations, it has all the conditions to stand “.

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